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TCL > July 2012 Issue > Six of the Greatest: Outstanding Lawyers in Colorado History

July 2012       Vol. 41, No. 7       Page  34
Six of the Greatest

Six of the Greatest: Outstanding Lawyers in Colorado History

Every year, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) pays homage to outstanding attorneys who are deceased by publishing profiles of them in its official publication. Since 1982, The Colorado Lawyer has printed in the July issue profiles of Colorado’s most esteemed attorneys.

Members of the bar, relatives, and others submit names of deserving candidates to the CBA Awards Committee. Each year in the fall, the Awards Committee meets and reviews the nominations received and makes nominations of its own, and then selects six candidates for profiling. As many as six lawyers will be profiled in each July issue.

The 2010 Awards Committee determined that, effective with the candidates who would be profiled in 2011, nominees must have been deceased seven years (previously it was ten years) to be eligible for nomination. In addition, nominees must have:

  • exemplified the high ideals of the legal profession during their lifetime
  • made significant contributions to the CBA
  • been of aid and assistance to other lawyers, particularly novice lawyers
  • been active in civic and community affairs
  • been instrumental in accomplishing some significant changes in the law
  • promoted public confidence in the legal profession
  • demonstrated confidence in the practice of law
  • been notable in their careers.

The Awards Committee seeks nominations for the 2012 Outstanding Lawyers in Colorado History. If you would like to nominate someone who has been deceased a minimum of seven years as of July 2012, please contact the CBA Awards Committee, c/o Tracy Rackauskas at Letters may be mailed to: The Colorado Lawyer, 1900 Grant St., Ste. 900, Denver, CO 80203-4336. If you are interested in researching and writing a profile of a nominee, please write to 

Six of the Greatest 2012

William P. Cantwell

by Susan R. Harris,
with contributions from David Thomas III


Kenneth Norman Kripke

by William A. Trine 


Richard Downing

by Warwick (Wick) Downing


Frank E. (Sam) Maynes

by Thomas H. Shipps


Aurel M. Kelly

by Diane Vaksdal Smith


Leonard von Bibra Sutton

by John A. (Jack) Kintzele

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