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TCL > December 2012 Issue > Thank You to The Colorado Lawyer’s 2012 Contributors

The Colorado Lawyer
December 2012
Vol. 41, No. 12 [Page  14]

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Thank You to The Colorado Lawyer’s 2012 Contributors

The forty-first volume of The Colorado Lawyer is officially complete. The staff of the CBA Editorial Department takes this opportunity to acknowledge and thank 2012 contributors to The Colorado Lawyer. We are grateful for your support of the CBA’s official publication and for your participation in making the journal a valuable membership benefit. It has been our pleasure to work with you in 2012, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you in coming years.

Thank you to the many book publishers that generously share review copies of your publications with The Colorado Lawyer. Thank you to the law firms, individuals, and companies that support the publication with your paid announcements and display advertising. Thank you to the CBA staff for your regular and semi-regular contributions to the publication. Thank you to CBA’s committees and sections, as well as the local, specialty, and minority bars and the legal organizations and courts throughout the state that keep members of the profession informed through The Colorado Lawyer by sharing your news, notices, reports, rule changes, and summaries. A hearty thanks to Jerry T. Gentry from Communications Today, who provides superb liaison services related to monthly printing matters; to Ana Bailey and everyone at Publication Printers for producing the hard copies of The Colorado Lawyer every month; and to Polly Cardwell and everyone at Response Technologies, who guarantee that members receive the publication in the mail in a timely fashion every month.

We wish everyone a healthy, happy,
and productive 2013!

The Colorado Lawyer Board

The Colorado Lawyer Board comprises twelve members who participate in an advisory capacity. Members oversee publication policies and periodically review budget, printer bids, and revenue-generating components such as advertising policies. Thank you, Board members!

Erin C. Asborno
David W. Becker, Jr.
Susan Bernhardt
Shad L. Brown
Mark Cohen
Ed L. Felter, Jr.
Shel E. Friedman
Marcy G. Glenn
Tracy Leming
Troy R. Rackham
Paul Sachs
Ron M. Sandgrund

Charles C. Turner, CBA Staff
Greg Martin, CBA Staff

Coordinating Editors

The Colorado Lawyer’s peer review system ensures that the content of articles published is accurate, suitable, and topical. The editorial staff is grateful to our Coordinating Editors, who are committed to recommending high-quality material for publication. They volunteer their time and expertise to discuss article topics with prospective authors, to recruit authors and material, and to perform a substantive review of manuscripts. Thank you, Coordinating Editors!

Jim Bain
Joel Benson
Christopher D. Bryan
Fred M. Burtzos
Gregory B. Cairns
Adam Cohen
Shelly Dill Combs
Trish Cooper
Meredith Patrick Cord
Ericka F. Houck Englert
Jennifer Forsyth
Casey Frank
Leonard I. Frieling
Susan M. Gamel
Will Godsman
Peter B. Goldstein
Jennifer S. Gormley
Melanie J. Granberg
Andrea Hamilton
David Harston
Judge Morris Hoffman
John M. Husband
K Kalan
Thomas L. Kanan
Kevin Kinnear
David Kirch
Trygve E. Kjellsen
David Kolko
Lucia M. Lamprey
Judge Alan M. Loeb
Joseph E. Lubinski
Stephen G. Masciocchi
Andrew McLetchie
Rick Mishkin
O. Russel Murray
Reba Nance
Ralph Ogden
Timothy Reynolds
Kathleen M. Schoen
Barbara J. Shaklee
Phil J. Shuey
Constance D. Smith
David D. Smith
David P. Steigerwald
Cathy A. Thorne
Curt Todd
Doris B. Truhlar
William F. Vobach
Jeffery L. Weeden
Linda Weinerman
Steven Weiser
Lawrence Zavadil

Contributing Authors and Photographers

The Colorado Lawyer welcomed new and returning authors who wrote one or more specialty law articles, practical or bar-related articles, columns, book reviews, court summaries, poems, or reports. We also received numerous photos from members for our cover consideration. Relying on the superb graphic skills of Gaynor Ann Bloom, we are pleased to have published twelve outstanding covers in 2012. Thank you, authors and photographers!

Bennett S. Aisenberg
Hartley Alley
Joy Athanasiou
Mark T. Bailey
Evan P. Banker
Michael L. Bender
Bill C. Berger
Brian W. Bevan
Amber L. Blasingame
Ilene Lin Bloom
Patrick M. Boucher
Chris Brady
Stephen A. Braunlich
Brooke Brestel
Steve C. Briggs
Ken Broda-Bahm
Jessica Brown
Edward D. Brown
Joshua D. Brown
Martin D. Brown
Christopher D. Bryan
Christopher M. Buckman
Bridget Calip
Katherine (Kit) Campbell
Max E. Carlson
Russell E. Carparelli
Willis V. Carpenter
Barbara E. Cashman
Mark D. Changaris
Sara M. Clark
Mark Cohen
Nancy L. Cohen
Cassie L. Coleman
Jennifer Daniel Collins
Steven T. Collis
Shelly Dill Combs
John J. Conway
James M. Cordes
Daniel B. Cordova
Aras Ruth Corn
Chad Cornelius
Kylie J. Crandall
Cindy H. Dang
Gregory T. Densen
Amy C. DeVan
Brian E. Donovan
Wick Downing
Janet Stansberry Drake
Matt Dubois
Richard Eason
Matthias M. Edrich
Keith M. Edwards
Jenna Lynn Ellis
Rachel E. Ellis
Ericka F. Houck Englert
Jordan Factor
Kelly C. Fanning
Lynn D. Feiger
Ed L. Felter
Mary Byrne Fletcher
Mark A. Fogg
Margaret E. (Meg) Foley
Ann B. Frick
Emma Garrison
Timothy M. Garvey
Robert R. Gehler
Frank  Gibbard
Randi M. Grassgreen
Harmon S. Graves
Franz Hardy

James S. Hardy
David Harriman
Susan R. Harris
Laura J. Hazen
Ruben M. Hernandez
Ian T. Hicks
Mike Hilgers
Richard P. Holme
Peter Hughes
John M. Husband
Kristin Ivanco
Gary M. Jackson
Joel M. Jacobson
Alan R. Jahde
Ryan Jarvis
Patricia M. Jarzobski
Katharine A. Jensen
Ronald D. Jung
Stephen E. Kapnik
Michael J. Katz
Kevin R. Kavanaugh
James M. King
Lauren Kingsbery
John A. (Jack) Kintzele
Susan P. Klopman
Rachel L. Kranz
Gregory J. Lake
Frank Lawson
Erik V. Lemmon
Herrick K. Lidstone, Jr.
Robert M. Linz
Jordan Lipp
Kevin Loughrey
Victoria E. Lovato
Andrew M. Low
John W. Low
Danny Luneau
Susan L. Macey
Jacques A. Machol, Jr.
Matthew D. Macy
Sangeetha Mallavarapu
Frederic H. Marienthal
Kara C. Martin
Rick Martin
Matt Masich
David L. Masters
Matt McCune
Lisha R. McKinley
Hudson Mead
Brian Medina
Breena N. Meng
Jason C. Miller
Denise K. Mills
Henry Miniter
H. Corat Moran
Stan Morris
Angela L. Morrison
John J. Mosesso
Eric J. Moutz
Mary J. Mullarkey
Carroll E. Multz
Tyler Murray
Kathleen A. Negri
Gordon W. Netzorg
N. Reid Neureiter
Angelica M. Ochoa
Richard L. Ott, Jr.
Jane Caddell Paddison
Lucia Padilla
Noelle Padilla
Cash K. Parker
Claire Parsons
Chirag Patel
Jery B. Payne
Rebecca Graves Payne
Cindy M. Perusse
Tamara Pester
Joseph A. Peters
Colin Pitet
Forrest Plesko
Caitlin S. Quander
Neil Quigley
Troy R. Rackham
Ted Radkiewicz
Gerald J. Rafferty
George E. Reeves
Denise Richardson
Kathie Troudt Riley
Scott H. Robinson
Thomas A. Rodriguez
Trey Rogers
Diane E. Román
Jaime R. Román
Stanton D. Rosenbaum
Katrin Miller Rothgery
Alec Rothrock
Victor T. Roushar
Christopher T. Ryan
Paul Sachs
Ronald M. Sandgrund
Raymond N. Satter
Christina Saunders
Bruce A. Schilken
Ema I.G. Schultz
Bill Senter
Tom Seward
Laura E. Shapiro
Catherine Shea
Daniel J. Sherwinter
Thomas H. Shipps
Frank P. Slaninger
Courtney L. Smith
Todd A. Stahly
David Steefel
Sarah A. Steinbeck
Beat U. Steiner
David J. Stephenson, Jr.
Grant T. Sullivan
Charlotte N. Sweeney
Michelle Smith Sylvain
Catherine A. Tallerico
Patrick R. Thiessen
David Thomas III
Don Jesse Toussaint
David A. Toy
William A. Trine
Charles C. Tucker
Diane Vaksdal Smith
Michael Valdez
Kara Veitch
Andrew W. Volin
Eli Wald
James R. Walker
John R. Webb
Jeffery L. Weeden
Wendy E. Weigler
Steven M. Weiser
Elizabeth A. Weishaupl
Gina B. Weitzenkorn
Jason B. Wesoky
John L. Wheeler
Robert J. (Robin) Whitley
Dennis N. Whitmer
Andrea K. Wilkins
Teresa Wilkins
Jessica E. Yates
Carl Gary Yeager
Stewart M. Young
Eric J. Zinn

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