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TCL > June 2013 Issue > Letters to the Author

June 2013       Vol. 42, No. 6       Page  73
From Our Readers

Letters to the Author

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May 2013 CBA President’s Message:
"Some Advice for the Law School Graduating Class of 2013
(and Anybody Else Who Will Listen)"

Mr. Fogg,

Thank you for the advice you offered in the May issue of The Colorado Lawyer. I took my last class at DU Law last week, and it was comforting to know that members of the Colorado legal community like you are ready for me as I prepare to step into unknown territory.

Over the last three years, I’ve invested a great deal of time and energy trying to understand both the profession and the business of practicing law. I know I’ve got a great deal of learning left to do—but it was good to see that even people with your experience continue to grapple with these complex issues. It also was nice to pause and remember that "we have the unique opportunity to provide services to others, which have the potential to have an incredible impact on their lives."1

Your words left me with a welcome feeling of excitement about what lies ahead. Thank you.

Best regards,
Christopher K. Boeckx, Denver

1. Fogg, CBA President’s Message, 42 The Colorado Lawyer 5 (May 2013).



Congratulations on your "advice" article in The Colorado Lawyer—especially the business-or-profession part. I frequently say, in my smart-alecky way, that "No human activity is so noble that its nobility can survive its becoming a business." I’m afraid that the practice of law is on its way to proving the truth of that somewhat cynical proposition. However, it is encouraging that an accomplished lawyer such as yourself is willing to address the issues. Again, congratulations.

Joseph A. Davies, Greenwood Village



I just loved this piece. Very well done. I’ll borrow some themes—and credit you—in my graduation speech. It also reminded me of my friend Brad Feld’s mantra, "give before you get" (see

Philip J. Weiser, Dean
University of Colorado Law School



Great article in the May Colorado Lawyer. Very thought-provoking and inspiring. Well done!

Christopher K. Miller, Denver



I just read your CBA article to the 2013 graduating class of lawyers and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been out for almost three years now and it certainly spoke to me!

Josh I. Berry, Denver


Dear Mark,

I don’t often take the time to comment, but I will this time: Your column in the May TCL was marvelous. I see lots of people try to say something meaningful about our profession, try to say something meaningful to young folk, try to say something meaningful . . . but you really did, many things, over several pages.

Very nice job.

Anthony van Westrum, Golden

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