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TCL > November 2013 Issue > In Memoriam

November 2013       Vol. 42, No. 11       Page  137
Notices, Products, and Services

In Memoriam

Dale H. Helm
October 1, 1933–October 9, 2013

Joseph B. Rogers
July 8, 1964–October 7, 2013

James L. Treece
February 6, 1925–September 7, 2013


Laird Campbell

I did not know until I read the October In Memoriam1 that Laird Campbell had passed away. It is fitting that Mr. Campbell’s In Memoriam appeared in the Professionalism issue because of an incident I remember with Mr. Campbell from long, long ago. I was a fairly new lawyer, probably six months out of law school. I had been assigned a case where the other party was represented by Mr. Campbell. I had some issues with his discovery responses, and being a new lawyer, I of course decided that the wisest course of action would be to write a nasty letter to him, making threats and demands.

Some days after I sent the letter, I got a call from Mr. Campbell. He said, "Christina, this is Laird Campbell. I got your letter. I did you a big favor. I threw it in the trash. Now let’s really talk about the issues." I freaked out, of course, and acted like the complete coward I was. I had some difficulty explaining why I thought making threats would be a good way to resolve our dispute. At the end of the call, he said, "Next time, would you just pick up the phone? I’m happy to talk to you about just about anything you want to talk about."

Thank you, Laird Campbell. That telephone call changed my attitude, my practice, and my life.

There, now I have finally said what I should have said all those years ago. I am just sorry Mr. Campbell didn’t hear me say it.

—Submitted by Christina Habas


1. In Memoriam Tribute, 42 The Colorado Lawyer 90 (Oct. 2013).

The In Memoriam section lists the name, date of birth where available, and date of death of deceased attorneys, JDs, judges, and legal professionals. Reader-submitted tributes of deceased attorneys and legal professionals, including those listed at the top of the In Memoriam section, are welcomed. Tributes should provide information about the deceased’s legal career. Photographs are encouraged. Tributes will be published as space is available and as the publication schedule allows. Send tributes and notices about recently deceased attorneys to Tracy Rackauskas at

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