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TCL > December 2013 Issue > Thank You to The Colorado Lawyer’s 2013 Contributors

The Colorado Lawyer
December 2013
Vol. 42, No. 12 [Page  32]

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Thank You to The Colorado Lawyer’s 2013 Contributors

Every issue of The Colorado Lawyer is dedicated to the members of the Colorado Bar Association. It is for the members that the CBA’s official publication strives to serve as "an informational and educational resource to improve the practice of law." The editorial staff is hopeful The Colorado Lawyer has fulfilled this mission during 2013 and that each of its twelve issues has been edifying. With the continued support of our many contributors, the staff looks forward to striving anew toward that goal in 2014.

Wishing you a dynamic 2014,
heaped with meaningful achievements,
a renewed passion for the practice of law,
and a healthful mind and body!
Good cheer to one and all!


Thank you to The Colorado Lawyer advisory board and CBA’s management team.

Erin C. Asborno
David W. Becker, Jr.
Susan Bernhardt
Shad L. Brown
Mark Cohen
Hon. Ed L. Felter, Jr.
Shel E. Friedman
Marcy G. Glenn
Tracy Leming
Troy R. Rackham
Paul Sachs
Ron M. Sandgrund
Charles C. Turner, Executive Director
Greg Martin, Deputy Executive Director

Thank you to the Coordinating Editors of substantive law and practical articles.

Jim Bain
Joel Benson
Christopher D. Bryan
Fred M. Burtzos
Adam Cohen
Trish Cooper
Meredith Patrick Cord
Jennifer Forsyth
Casey Frank
Leonard I. Frieling
Susan M. Gamel
Will Godsman
Peter B. Goldstein
Jennifer S. Gormley
Melanie J. Granberg
Andrea Hamilton
David Harston
Hon. Morris Hoffman
John M. Husband
K Kalan
Thomas L. Kanan
Kevin Kinnear
David W. Kirch
Trygve E. Kjellsen
David Kolko
Lucia M. Lamprey
Hon. Alan M. Loeb
Joseph E. Lubinski
Stephen G. Masciocchi
Andrew McLetchie
Rick Mishkin
O. Russel Murray
Reba Nance
Ralph Ogden
Timothy Reynolds
Kathleen M. Schoen
Barbara J. Shaklee
Phil J. Shuey
Constance D. Smith
David D. Smith
David P. Steigerwald
Cathy A. Thorne
Curt Todd
Doris B. Truhlar
William F. Vobach
Jeffery L. Weeden
Linda A. Weinerman
Steven Weiser
Lawrence Zavadil

Thank you to the numerous contributors, including authors; book publishers; CBA committee and section members; CBA and CLE staff members; court personnel; display advertisers; lawyers’ announcements advertisers; local, minority, and specialty bars; photographers; and printing and mailing personnel.

Donald W. Alperstein
J. Kyle Bachus
Kristine A. Bates
Jarod Balson
Michael J. Belo
Bill C. Berger
Michael H. Berger
Peter R. Bornstein
John M. Bowlin
Angelina Z. Bradley
Stephen A. Braunlich
Katharine A. Burke
Gregory B. Cairns
Bridget Calip
Molly A. Callender
Katherine (Kit) Campbell
William J. Campbell
Polly Cardwell
Hon. Russell Carparelli
Nate Carr
Casey S. Cassinis
Mark D. Changaris
Dana Collier Smith
Shelly Dill Combs
Donald L. Cook
Miles Cortez
Jane Bonham Cox
James C. Coyle
Kylie Crandall
Spencer J. Crona
Marc Darling
John W. DeBruyn
Kristi Disney
Brian E. Donovan
Kim Dvorchak
Matthias M. Edrich
Keith Edwards
David L. Erickson
Samuel A. Evig
Sarah Felsen
Joe Fennessy
Matthew S. Fingberg
Mark J. Flynn
Mark A. Fogg
Margaret E. Foley
Casey Frank
Melody K. Fuller
Hon. Richard L. Gabriel
Ronald Garfield
Emma Garrison
Harvey Gee
Jerry T. Gentry
Frank Gibbard
John S. Gleason
Peter B. Goldstein
Stanley J. Gradisar
Tiffany L. Grant
Greg Greer
Michael J. Grills
William C. Groh III
Michael J. Guyerson
Gregory A. Hall
W. Cory Haller
Andrea L. Hamilton
Franz Hardy
Alexandra Harpp
Mher Hartoonian
Bette Heller
Ana Hernandez
Hon. Greg Hobbs
Richard P. Holme
Jennifer I. Holt
John M. Husband
Hugh Ilenda
Nicole Salamander Irby
Joel M. Jacobson
Stuart Jorgensen
Martin J. Katz
R. Livingston Keithley
Jeffrey P. Kelson
Lauren Kingsbery
Rachel L. Kranz
Marcia S. Krieger
Andrew LaFontaine
Peggy Lewis
Abby Lindquist
Christopher B. Little
David M. Little
Mag. John L. Livingston
Andrew M. Low
Anne Lucke
Denise Lynch
Wm. David Lytle
Frederic H. Marienthal
Lucy Marsh
Matt Masich
Sam W. Maynes
Andrea McCullough
Shaun McCullough
Hon. Robert L. McGahey, Jr.
Joseph McMahon
Hon. Ann Gail Meinster
Joseph G. Michaels
David S. Michel
Denise K. Mills
Henry Miniter
David J. Molnar
Christopher P. Montville
Eric J. Moutz
Blain Myhre
Reba J. Nance
Kathleen A. Negri
Melissa Nicoletti
Stephanie Noble
Richard L. Ott, Jr.
John M. Palmeri
Margrit Lent Parker
Jery B. Payne
Rebecca Pfahler
Rob Pierce
Forrest Plesko
Publication Printers
Sherry M. Purdy
Casey Quillen
Gabe Racz
Response Technologies
Chris Ricci
Karen E. Robertson
Diane E. Román
Jaime R. Román
Paul Sachs
Heather A. Salg
Troy A. Sandberg
Ronald M. Sandgrund
Gabriela Sandoval
Bruce A. Schilken
Angela Foss Schmit
Briony A. Schnee
J.D. Schneider
Melissa R. Schwartz
Austin E. Smith
Linda D. Smith
Richard F. Spiegle
David W. Stark
David S. Steefel
Alan C. Stine
Michael W. Sutherland
John H. Tatlock
Hon. Daniel M. Taubman
Wendi S. Temkin
Susan Thevenet
Herb E. Tucker
Scott W. Turner
Michael Valdez
Robin Van Atta
Thomas H. Wagner
Eli Wald
Gregory B. Washington
Jeffrey L. Weeks
Philip J. Weiser
Kristi Anderson Wells
Hon. John Wheeler
Peter J. Whitmore
Teresa Wilkins
Robyn L. Wille
Hon. Dave Williams
Gordon J. Williams
T. Edward Williams
Kim Willoughby
Frank Wilmot
Amy L. Woodis
John S. Zakhem

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