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TCL > March 2000 Issue > Pro Bono Logo Ideas Aspire to Inspire!

March 2000       Vol. 29, No. 3       Page  29
Legal Services News

Pro Bono Logo Ideas Aspire to Inspire!
by Lynne Sholler

Following publication of an article entitled,"Lighten Up on Pro Bono: Help Create a Logo!,"1 the CBA Pro Bono Taskforce ("Taskforce") received some fun and interesting concepts for the creation of a logo or slogan to promote more attorney participation in pro bono legal services. You may recall that the Colorado Supreme Court recently approved a new aspirational goal for practicing attorneys to provide fifty hours per year of pro bono services.2 The Taskforce would like to use a logo or slogan in a variety of CBA and CLE materials (and other appropriate places), with the idea of reminding us all to fulfill the aspirational goal of providing pro bono legal services to those of limited means.

One of the ideas suggested in the January article was the concept of "project outreach," and offered graphics with an outreaching hand with the scales of justice. At the January 8, 2000, CBA Board of Governors meeting, Taskforce speakers made presentations on how pro bono legal services provide help to individuals in the community. The Taskforce then took a little time to solicit logo and slogan ideas from the bar leadership. Some of the slogan ideas the Taskforce received include the following:

  • "Pro Bono—Just Try It"
  • "Any Lawyer Can Take a Case to Court; Pro Bono Lawyers Take a Case to Heart" (borrowed from Jan Clark, a pro bono client and guest speaker at the Board of Governors meeting)
  • "Pro Bono Justice—as basic as PB&J"
  • "Lend a Hand" (with an extended hand graphic)
  • "Compassion in Law"

Some of the logo ideas, provided by Taskforce members' "doodles" and produced by a volunteer graphic artist, include those appearing on the next page.

The Taskforce hopes to inspire bar membership to continue sending ideas. The ideas provided here may trigger your imagination to draw a graphic to complement a slogan or to write your own slogan. The next time you have a few minutes between projects or meetings, jot down some ideas that come to mind regarding an image the bar wants to project concerning pro bono legal services and the aspirational goal.

As was suggested in the January article, at your next in-house status meeting or local bar association, section, or committee meeting, spend a few minutes brainstorming logo or slogan ideas, and have some fun with it! Over the next couple of months, the Taskforce will continue to publish the ideas developed by bar members. The Taskforce subcommittee will select a few of the submissions to present to the entire CBA membership for a vote. CBA-CLE in Colorado, Inc. has generously donated a seven-hour CLE course as the prize for the winning submission. The prize may be used however the winner deems appropriate. But—it could be used to learn about an unfamiliar area of the law in which there is a great need for pro bono volunteers.

Mail or fax your original ideas soon to any of the Taskforce members listed below. Create away!

  • Lynne Sholler
    Law Office of Lynne Sholler
    P.O. Box 1256

  • Breckenridge CO 80424
    Telephone: (970) 453-1620
  • Fax: (970) 453-6267

    Bob Truhlar
    Truhlar & Truhlar
    1901 W. Littleton Blvd.

  • Littleton, CO 80120
    Telephone: (303) 794-2404
  • Fax: (303) 794-1142

    Harold Baer
    2280 Clermont Street

  • Denver, CO 80207
    Telephone: (303) 320-1775
  • Fax: (303) 394-3807


1. 29 The Colorado Lawyer 23 (Jan. 2000).

2. See "CBA and Supreme Court Action Regarding Aspirational Pro Bono Goal," 28 The Colorado Lawyer 19 (Dec. 1999).

Legal Services News is published bimonthly to apprise members of the bar of legal services projects, issues, and pro bono opportunities. Readers are encouraged to submit articles and topic ideas to Department Editor Eric B. Liebman, with the firm of Brega & Winters, 1700 Lincoln St., #2222, Denver, CO 80203; (303) 866-9400.

Pro Bono Logo Ideas

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