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TCL > January 2000 Issue > Lighten Up On Pro Bono: Help Create a Logo!

January 2000       Vol. 29, No. 1       Page  23

Lighten Up On Pro Bono: Help Create a Logo!
by Lynne Sholler

We’re back to the drawing board, literally. We’d like to ease up on the pro bono dialogue and tap into the creativity of our membership. A Pro Bono Taskforce was developed in March 1999 after the Colorado Bar Association ("CBA") rejected a proposed recommendation by the Judicial Advisory Committee to require fifty hours of mandatory pro bono services by all Colorado licensed attorneys. (The CBA and the Colorado Supreme Court did recently approve a new aspirational goal of an average of fifty hours a year—see "CBA and Supreme Court Action Regarding Aspirational Pro Bono Goal" at page 19 of the December 1999 issue of The Colorado Lawyer.) The mission of the Taskforce is to continue to explore alternatives to meet the needs of the disadvantaged. The Taskforce appointed a subcommittee to develop a slogan and/or logo for pro bono services.

We want to remind ourselves that our assistance does serve critical needs. Think about United Way’s helping hands ("They Care"); the Health Mark insignia ("I should be eating that") and Nike’s "Just Do It" ("Yeah, I should"). These symbols portray powerful and recognized messages. Likewise, members of the Pro Bono Taskforce are trying to create a symbol or saying that encourages accessibility to the justice system for those of limited means. The logo will appear in The Colorado Lawyer, on CBA letterhead, in CLE materials, and wherever else appropriate. By keeping the idea in front of our members, we are confident we can garner additional hours of legal services for the under-represented.

Over the next few months, the Taskforce will feature a few concepts it has already generated as a place to start brainstorming. YOU can get involved by considering ideas of your own. Sketch out a design that comes to mind from one of the Taskforce’s slogans or one of yours. Develop a different saying. Lay out a logo. Then have some fun with it. Toss some ideas around at your next section, committee, or law firm status meeting (or perhaps, at the next happy hour get-together). Have your own in-house contest and send us your best illustrations. Talk to your kids. Better yet, make a classroom event out of it. Appear at your child’s school and talk to the students. Get their thoughts and come back to us with the most inventive ideas.

These ideas may be offered anonymously, or you can revel in the splendor of fame and glory by giving us your name. We’ll keep you informed throughout the year about ideas we receive from you, and will submit additional concepts for your further consideration.

Ultimately, we will select several ideas that we like the best, and the membership can vote on a favorite. The winner will not only have bragging rights to this prominently displayed artistic creation, but he or she also can earn a certificate for free CLE credits. To complete the cycle, these CLE credits may be used to learn of common pro bono topics about which you may be unfamiliar. In the end, those who generously contribute their skills will benefit as much as those who have been assisted in their time of need.

We’ll start the ball rolling with the following ideas.

tcl-2000jan-logo1 tcl-2000jan-logo2 tcl-2000jan-logo3

Call, write, fax, or e-mail any of the subcommittee members with your comments. Thanks for your help and have fun! Subcommittee members are:

Lynne Sholler
   Law Office of Lynne Sholler
   P.O. Box 1256
   Breckenridge, CO 80424
   (303) 320-0775
   fax: (303) 394-3807
Bob Truhlar
   Truhlar & Truhlar
   1901 W. Littleton Blvd.
   Littleton, CO 80120
   (970) 453-1620
   fax: (970) 453-6267
Harold Baer
   2280 Clermont St.
   Denver, CO 80207-3470
   (303) 794-2404
   fax: (303) 794-1142

Pro Bono Taskforce Members

The Pro Bono Taskforce includes the following members. Any of them would welcome your comments or your thoughts for alternatives that could be explored to serve the legal needs of the disadvantaged:

Aaron Clay, Chair
Jon Asher
Harold Baer
Lerry Beckner
Stacy Carpenter
Barbara Chamberlain
Pete Cordova
Laura Embleton
Steve Flynn
Mark Geil
Joanne Hagen
Ed Kahn
Celeste Kling
Jerry Lemberger
Melody Massih
Hon. John McMullen
Christopher Miranda
Joan Norman
Sue Parenteau
Mario Rivera
Jo Ann Viola Salazar
Lynne Sholler
Claire Sollars
Hon. Dan Taubman
Robert Truhlar
Chuck Turner
Hon. Joe Ulibarri
Hon. Jo Ann Vogt
Gina Weitzenkorn
John Wendt

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