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TCL > November 1999 Issue > Legal Aid Foundation 1998-99 Annual Report: A Year in Review

November 1999       Vol. 28, No. 11       Page  25

Legal Aid Foundation 1998-99 Annual Report: A Year in Review

The challenge of effectively meeting the needs of Colorado’s indigent for basic civil legal services remains before us. However, for the 1998-99 fiscal year, the Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado can report continued, substantial progress toward meeting this challenge. In raising over $710,000 from lawyers and other friends, and distributing $573,000 to Colorado’s legal services programs, we improved on last year’s previous best effort by more than 12 percent.

What is most encouraging is that we are finding more diverse resources in support of our effort.

In addition to our critical, traditional support from the bar, for the first time we raised substantial new dollars from several community foundations, non-lawyers and the state of Colorado.

We owe a special thanks to The Denver Foundation, Rose Community Foundation and The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County for providing grants to match new dollars from the legal community. Our fellow professionals in the accounting community have given very generously to the Foundation in the past year by way of both time and money. Several years’ work by the Colorado Bar Association and past and present Foundation Board members was instrumental as the State Legislature, as part of its commitment to dealing more effectively with domestic violence, for the first time, appropriated more than $400,000 that, in the coming two years, will be committed to providing civil legal help to indigent victims of family violence.

As we have found new ways of raising money to help reach the Foundation’s goals, some things have stayed the same: our support from donor law firms and individual lawyers, our base, has been steadfast and growing; our Board remains committed and active; our staff remains competent, efficient and devoted.

In closing, I offer my thanks to our donors, fellow Board members, and our staff, all of whose generosity with their time and dollars have made my tenure on the Board of the Foundation among my richest experiences as a lawyer. Let us continue a commitment to attempting to assure at least minimal access of all Coloradans, regardless of means, to our legal system.

A. Bruce Campbell, Chair 1998 –1999

As we look forward to the Year 2000, there will be an entirely new delivery system of legal services to the low-income citizens of Colorado. Where there were once three separate providers of legal services, the new entity known as "Colorado Legal Services" will seek innovative means and methods to reach even more of its client population than has been served in the past. The challenge to Colorado Legal Services also serves as a challenge and opportunity for the Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado.

The Foundation will strive to build on the strong support of law firms and individuals who have contributed so generously of their time and financial resources to fund the needs of Colorado’s poor. While we anticipate that the area campaigns of Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins will continue their success of the past years, the Foundation plans to identify other communities throughout Colorado as focal points for expanded fund-raising campaigns. New sources of support from corporate counsel, the accounting profession, the business community and foundations will be explored for ongoing financial assistance, as well as creative measures to assist Colorado Legal Services. Bruce Campbell, immediate past Board Chair, will lead an effort directed at a planned giving campaign for those individuals who have shown an interest and support of the Foundation’s mission and objectives.

The Foundation is also pleased to report that it has a new Executive Director, Judy Slason, who has significant experience in the non-profit sector. Lynn Cannon has returned to her home state of Minnesota and we wish her well. With its new Executive Director and dedicated staff, the Foundation will not only continue to carry out its primary mission of raising funds for Colorado Legal Services, but also seek to raise the awareness of the entire state of Colorado about the work of the Foundation and, more importantly, about the individuals and families who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Foundation’s efforts.

The entire Board of Trustees and staff of the Foundation join me in encouraging each of you to join us in meeting the challenges ahead. We are excited about the new role for Colorado Legal Services and look forward to your continued and expanded support for its services.

William E. Walters, III, Chair 1999-2000

Legal Aid Foundation

In 1998, Colorado’s legal services programs provided assistance to 22,240 low-income people throughout the state. Approximately 450,000 individuals were eligible for legal assistance.

The formula for distribution of unrestricted contributions to the Legal Aid Foundation is based on the percentage of Colorado’s poor population living in each program’s service area. The breakdown distribution for 1998 was:

31%: Colorado Rural Legal Services

50%: Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver

19%: Pikes Peak/Arkansas River Legal Aid

The clients who seek assistance through the legal services programs are low-income individuals and families, including senior citizens, disabled people and victims of domestic violence. To qualify for legal aid, a family’s gross income must not exceed 125% of the "Federal Poverty Guidelines." For example, the gross income for a family of four cannot currently exceed $20,875 annually.

Clients Served by Type of Case


*Social Security, Food Stamps, Home Care for the Elderly, Disability


Services Provided


From the Executive Director . . .

I am looking forward to working with the dedicated staff and volunteers of the Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado to meet the challenges ahead. At a time when increasing demands for civil legal assistance are paired with reduced federal funding, our role of providing private funding becomes even more important. Please continue to join us in our unwavering commitment to equal access, the foundation of justice.

Judith Slason, Executive Director

The Legal Aid Foundation was formed in 1981 by several visionary members of the Colorado legal community as the statewide fund-raising arm for Colorado’s federally funded legal services programs. Today, these programs are Colorado Rural Legal Services, the Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver and Pikes Peak/Arkansas River Legal Aid.

Donors 1998-99:

Contributors to the Legal Aid Foundation provide much-needed funds in the pursuit of equal access to justice for low-income people in Colorado. We thank them for their generous support.

Individual Donors

$2,500 or More
David Butler
A. Bruce & Brenda Campbell
Harold A. & Beverly Haddon
Edwin S. Kahn
Jay P.K. Kenney
Frances A. Koncilja
David N. & Roberta A. Levin
Joan Phipps Pechman
Elizabeth Phelan & Paul Smith

$1,000 - $2,499

Deborah R. Adams
Frederick J. Baumann
Anne Castle & Frank Daviess
George & Marion Curtis
Cynthia P. Delaney
Woody & Georgia Garnsey
Miles M. Gersh
Dale R. & Toni Harris
Russell K. Haskell
Don W. & Mary T. Hoagland
Dave Jankowski & Nancy Connick
Phillip A. Kendall
Thomas E. Korson & Mary Mullarkey
C. Randel & Lisa Lewis
Sally L. MacLuckie
James L. Merrill
Steven U. Mullens
Charles W. Newcom
Diana M. Poole & Steven Lass
Walter H. Sargent
Bruce & Martha Sattler
John C. Siegesmund, III
Jon C. Thomas & Jan Erickson
John L. Watson
Lester R. Woodward

$500 - $999

Diane S. & Thomas Barrett
Haradon & Betsy Beatty
Robert W. Brandes, Jr.
Gerald A. Caplan
James L. & Katrina Carpenter
Harvey W. & Marlene Curtis
Janice B. Davidson
Thomas B. & Virginia W. Faxon
Tad S. Foster
Anne C. Gibson
Theodore S. Halaby
Glen E. Keller, Jr.
Celeste Holder Kling & Robert Kling
Steve & Penny Koerner
W. Bruce Kopper
Mary Ann Krawchuk
Christopher Lane
Juli E. & Jim Lapin
Ronald A. Lehmann
Hugh J. McClearn
William C. McClearn
Michael McGloin
Gale & Jan Miller
Kathryn E. Miller & Greg Eurich
William D. Miller
Robert H. & Sarah S. Moench
Dennis M. & Debbie Montgomery
Richard C. Nehls
Jeffrey G. Pearson
William & Judith Prakken
Dorothy G. Raymond
Barbara Salomon
Michael J. Steiner & Carol Hildebrand
K. B. Stogner
Katherine A. Tamblyn
Tucker K. Trautman
David L. West
Marla J. Williams
Candace A. Wolhart & James Thomas, Jr.

$250 - $499
Bennett S. Aisenberg
Phillip M. Alterman
Jonathan D. Asher
H. Gregory & Deanna Austin
Marilyn Averill
William A. & Deborah Bianco
Scott A. Blackmun
Wendy H. Block & Stuart Ollanik
Peter W. Booth
Kent H. Borges
Doris E. Burd
W. Cotton Burden
Charles D. Calvin
Lynn Cannon
Thomas E. Carlock
Willis V. Carpenter
Patricia A. Coan
Nancy Cohen
Kevin L. Daly
Bobby L. Daniel
Carolyn E. Daniels
Carmen S. Danielson
Gregory R. Danielson
Jeanne Darricades & Michael Gibson
Edward A. Dauer
Robert P. Davison
Spencer T. Denison
John J. Donahue
Kenneth Dresner
David J. Driscoll & Claire Levy
Frank N. Dubofsky
Philip L. Dubois
Bruce Ducker
John W. Dunn
Roger & Larae Essman
Hubert A. Farbes, Jr.
Bruce P. Fierst
Rebecca Anderson Fischer
Douglas W. Fix
Phillip C. Gans
Richard S. Gast
Kimberly E. Ghiselli
Sandra R. Goldman
Paul H. Haller
David B. Harrison
Mike Hilgers
Daniel Hoffman
George M. Hopfenbeck
Chevis F. Horne
Jim Hubbell & Caren Press
Paul F. Hultin
A. Bruce & Malinda Jones
Edward N. Juhan
Steven W. Kelly
Peter J. King
David J. Lee
Lisa Lett
Richard Lirtzman
Wiley & Missy Mayne
Sheila H. Meer
Robert R. Miller
Karyl M. Misrack
James R. Montgomery
Peter E. Morgan
John J. & Manuelita Mullins
Rico & Kay Munn
Randy L. Parcel
Katherine J. Peck
Richard & Frances Penn
Raymond J. Petersen
Bernard Poskus
David M. Powell
Henry R. Reckler
Jerry A. Retherford
William K. Ris
Mario H. Rivera
James M. Rooney
Howard I. Rosenberg & Kristen Dutton
Brent Rychener
Robert M. Severson
Michael D. Shimmin
Charles E. Stuart
Leonard D. Tanis & Joyce Bergmann
Norman R. Thom
Michael L. Touff
Robert J. Welter
Marianne Wesson
Christopher D. Whitney
Michael L. Williams
Daniel M. Winograd
Maureen & Jeff Witt
Henry D. Worley & Sharon Tarr Worley
Martha B. Wyrsch
Gwen J. Young
Steven D. Zansberg & Lisa Weil

Wanda Abel
Derry Beach Adams
Jack K. Agee
Catherine H. Anderson
Gunnar E. Andersson
Karl F. Anuta
Diane M. Astourian
John Aylward
Barbara Ayre
Timothy R. Bakken
Patrick E. Barney
Ruth & David Becker
Robert E. L. Beebe
William R. Bell
W. Thomas Beltz
Paul C. Benedetti
Paul M. Bierbaum
Thomas H. Birch
Howard & Carol Boigon
Kathleen Boland
Russ W. Bond
Christopher M. Brandt
James A. Brantz
Robert D. & Mary R. Briggle
Joseph J. Bronesky & Jacquelin Medina
Sidney & Carol Brooks
Thomas G. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Burghardt
David Bye
Edward O. Byrne
Douglas M. Cain, III
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Calvert
Donald E. Campbell
John H. Carey
Sheila Carrigan
James S. Casebolt
Damon D. Cassens
Richard T. Casson
Thomas P. & Susan J. Chambers
Adam W. Chase
Seymour Chase
Kris A. Ciccolo
Mr. & Mrs. Barkley L. Clanahan
Aaron R. Clay
Lisa K. Clay
Edward D. Cleveland
Christine Coates
William & Sara-Jane Cohen
Richard B. Collins
John P. & JoAnn Congdon
Frederic K. Conover
James A. Cooke
Miles C. Cortez
Mary Jane Truesdell Cox
Thomas Cross
Frederick W. Damour
Joel C. Davis
Paul C. Daw
Raymond M. Deeny
Vincent C. DeGarlais
Diana DeGette & Lino Lipinsky
Robert DeLaney
Thomas deMarino
Laurence W. DeMuth
William O. DeSouchet
Geoff & Becky deWolfe
Allen Dines
William T. Diss
Daniel S. & Patricia Duggan
Robert & Elizabeth Duncan
Janet R. Eaton
David G. Ebner
Elaine G. Edinburg
David G. Eisenstein
Donald L. Elliott
Margaret & Robert Ellison
James D. Ellman
Michael R. Enwall
Bruce L. Evans
David A. Farus
Lindsay E. Fischer
Donald J. Fisher, Jr.
Edward H. Flitton
James T. Flynn
Robert R. French
Melody K. Fuller
Joseph F. Furay
Richard L. Gabriel & Jill M. Wichlens
Larry R. Gaddis
John F. Gallagher
Michael J. Gallagher
Joseph & Claire Garcia
John M. Gardner
William S. Garner, Jr.
David H. Getches
Diana A. Goldberg
Howard Goldman
Robert J. Golten
C. Lee Goodbar, Jr.
Mona S. Goodwin
Gertrude Grant

John B. & Lois Greer
Garth Grissom
Robert K. Gruber
Mark D. Gruskin
Laurence M. Guilford
Lynn Gale Guissinger
Peter C. & Dr. Jean A. Guthery
Norman D. & Pamela E. Haglund
Dorothy F. Haines
Daniel C. Hale
J. Donald Haney
Felicity Hannay
Stephen D. Harris
James L. Harrison
Dennis W. Hartley
George H. Hass
James E. Hautzinger
Leeon E. Hayden
James E. Hegarty
Charles E. Henry
J. D. Henry
Joy R. Hilliard
Charles Hilton
Phyliss K. Hirschfeld
Mary T. Hoagland
Gregory J. Hobbs
Debra Hodgson
William T. Hoffman
Richard P. Holme
Dale L. Holst
Ann Hopfenbeck
Stephen Hopkins
Richard E. Hopper, Jr.
William G. Horlbeck
Robert M. & Ann Howard
Irving Howbert
H. Lawrence Hoyt
Chuck & Connie Huddleson
Rebecca & Hugh Hudson
Marcia & James Hughes
James M. Hult
Donald J. Humphrey
Abraham V. Hutt
William J. Hybl
J. Dennis Hynes
Ruth K. Irvin
Dennis M. Jackson
Steven K. Jacobson & Sheryl Robinson
Daryl K. James
Thomas M. James
Barbara M. & Daniel S. Japha
Chris Jeffers
Christine J. Jobin
George A. Johnson
Richard & Catherine Jones
Ronald D. Jung
Erika M. Kaiser
Robert J. Kapelke
M. Stephen Kautz
Robert S. Kayser
Susan Keesen
Edward R. & Jane G. Kellenberger
Matthew Kenna
Thomas L. Kennedy
Stanley C. Kent
Albert H. Kern
James W. Kin
Francis P. King
Neil C. King
Roger A. Klein
William J. Kneeland
Bruce A. Kolbezen
Gerald & Dolores Kopel
Rebecca A. Koppes-Conway
Jon F. Kottke
Sandy F. Kraemer
Camron R. Kuelthau
Katharine D. Kurtz
Maxine Kurtz
Edward J. LaBarre
Tim LaFrance
Sharon I. Langendoerfer
Mark T. Langston
Robert E. Lanham
Tyler & Terre Lantzy
Gary LaPlante
James R. Latourrette
Conrad Lattes
Barbara Lavender
Gary E. Lawyer
Stephen J. Lebel
Christopher M. Leh &
Natalie Hanlon Leh
Jerome L. & Sheila I. Lemberger
Katherine A. LeVoy
Laura Lindley
Ruth B. Lurie
M. E. MacDougall
John D. & Janet MacFarlane
D. D. Mallard
Greta Maloney
Jose D. Marquez
Ronald M. Martin
Robert L. Matthews
Karen & Paul Maurer
Meredith McBurney
John L. McCabe
Michael McDivitt
John N. McMullen
Donna K. McNamara
Lynda A. McNeive
H. Bart Mendenhall
Joseph E. & Jane R. Meyer
Jane Michaels
Linda S. Miller
Robert A. Millman
Francy S. Milner
Gene Mitchell
Norman R. Mueller & Christine Murphy
James A. Mundt
William E. Murane
Robert B. & Margaret E.B. Murray
Ann Bliss Mygatt
Richard L. Nagl
William D. Neighbors
Frederick W. Newall
Quigg Newton
Linda G. Niven
Rebecca Noecker
Steve Noecker
Joan M. Norman
Aldo G. Notarianni
L. Martin Nussbaum
Joseph J. O’Brien
Patti F. O’Rourke
Dean T. Ogawa
John G. Otto
Richard & Elaine Ovson
Norman A. Palermo
Howard E. Parks
James S. Patterson
David H. Pearlman
Z. L. Pearson
Lawrence Peek
Steven T. & Debi M. Pelican
Florence J. Phillips
D. Bruce Pope
John E. Popovich & Nancy L. Juday
Glenn E. Porzak
Vincent M. Prichard
Cynthia M. Pring
Gerald M. Quiat
Joseph R. Quinn
Ann T. & Jerry Raisch
Richard P. Ranson
Leslie M. Reed
C. Brian Renfro
James M. Rifkin
Jane E. Roberts
Marcia L. Rodgers
Donald W. & Virginia B. Roe
Bruce L. & Sally K. Rogers
Garth W. Rogers
Todd W. Rogers
Richard Rosenblatt & Marti Hauser
Luis D. Rovira
Royal C. Rubright
Wendy Slee Rudnik
Michael G. Sabbeth
Scott Saltzman
Ronald M. Sandgrund
Jan B. Sbarbaro
Donald & Rosalie Schiff
L. William Schmidt
L. J. Schoenwald
Robert O. & Suzanne Schulze
Thomas C. Seawell
Sara A. Seibert
Scott A. Sells
Jeri D. Shepherd
Thomas E. Sitz
David E. Skaggs
Gail E. Skaggs
Judith Slason
Stanley Sloss
Bruce G. Smith
Daniel Smith
David P. Smith
Tod J. Smith & Jerilyn DeCoteau
Don L. Spicer
Donald E. Spiegleman
Elizabeth M. Steele
John R. Stefonik
Thomas R. Stephens
Huntley Stone
Dan D. Stuart
John T. Sullivan
Ronald O. Sylling
Steven Taffet
Charles Y. Tanabe
Daniel Taubman
Robin M. Taylor
Thomas W. Titus
Robert C. Tobias
Lawrence W. Treece
James B. Turner
M. Caroline Turner
Rosalie Vigna
Stephen P. Villano
Lawrence E. & Cheryl Volmert
James D. Voorhees
Gary W. Waggoner
Craig E. Wagner
Peter J. Wall
James E. Wallace
Nancy L. Wallace
William E. Walters, III & Christy Cutler
Clark & Martha Weaver
Linda M. Weiler
Murray I. Weiner
Mark & Tracey Welch
Patrick M. Westfeldt
Jeffrey R. Wheeler
William G. Whitacre
Michael J. White
Arthur O. Wilkonson
Randy Lee Williams
Matthew B. Wills
Richard A. Winkel
Gerald W. Wischmeyer
Frederic M. Wise
Skip Wollrab
David L. Wood
Susan K. Wood-Ellis
L. Thomas Woodford
Marvin B. Woolf
Richard W. Yolles
Sandra Younghans
Stephanie H. Yukawa
Linda A. Zinn
Steven J. Zwick

$99 or less
Norman Aaronson
Christopher E. Acker
Roy A. Adkins
Byron L. Akers
Leo S. Altman
Roger H. Aronson
David & Merril Aschkinasi
William A. Aspinwall
Vincent R. Atencio
Mark Auerbach
Jennifer L. Bales
L. Kea Bardeen
Clifford J. Barnard
Claudia J. Bayliff
Anthony Bell
Seth J. Benezra
John A. Berman
Robert L. Bernard
John R. Bernick
Michael A. Berniger
Jolene Blair
Bryan William Blakely
Tristan Bonn
Jerome & Meg Borison
John P. Bowen
James B. Breese
Sandra Brinck
Aaron Brodsky
Robert Bronstein
Don Brown
Mackintosh Brown
William H. Brown
Ilene P. Buchalter
Ross B.H. Buchanan
Charles Burton
Arthur P. Butler
Ann Byrne
Celeste M. C de Baca
Clifford J. Calhoun
Richard J. Callahan
Brian T. Campbell
Joe A. Cannon
Jim R. Carrigan
Mark H. Carson

Randle W. Case, II
William Casey
James J. Cavanaugh
Donald Cawelti
Lee E. Christian
George G. Christiansen
Stephen A. Closky
Edward C. Coffey
Wilton W. Cogswell, III
James P. Collins
John F. Cook
Leonard M. Cooper
A. M. Coren
Charles F. Cory
Joseph R. Coyte
Kathy Cranmer
Bradley D. Crown
Richard F. Currey
Kermit L. Darkey
Patricia Dean
James J. Delaney
Joseph N. DeRaismes
Claire E. Dineen
Joseph W. Diver
Michael Dominick
Michael J. Dommermuth
James M. Downey
Warwick M. Downing
Norm Early
Henry B. Eastland
Mark D. Ebel
Dean Edmundson
Charles Lewis Ehrenpreis
Toni L. Erickson
Sari S. Escovitz
Jim Estin & Ann Laquer
Irving Ettenberg
Mary W. Evans
John W. Fahrney
Suzanne Farver
Edwin L. Fetler, Jr.
Kristi Ferraro
Arthur L. Fine
David R. Fine
John S. Finn
David A. Fogel
Kevin Forbush
Richard H. Forman
Loyce A. Forrest
Seymour S. Fortner
Ann E. Fox
John N. Franklin
Michael Frederick
Jane B. Fredman
E. Stefan Fredricksmeyer
Evan Freirich
Joan W. Froede
Dennis Frohlich
Watson W. & Patti Galleher
H. Conway Gandy
Leif Garrison
John P. Gascoyne
Juanita W. Gehrke
Jon P. Genser
Elvin Gentry
Stephen K. Gerdes
Terence A. Gilmore
Barry J. Goldstein
Ann Z. Goldstein & Ira Chernus
Susan A. Goodnature
William C. Gorham
Charles R. Greenacre
E. David Griffith
Fred W. & Barbara Gross
Howard M. Haenel
Joseph W. Halpern
Clyde Hampton
Rolf A. Hanning
Richard H. Hart
Cynthia M. Hartman
Elizabeth Hayden
William H. Hazlitt
Josie & Rollie Heath
L. Michael Henry, Jr.
Rufina A. Hernandez
Greg Heron
Howard Hertzberg
William A. Hillhouse, II
Gordon D. Hinds
Joseph G. Hodges
Harvey A. Holtzman
Helen R. Hondius
Dr. & Mrs. Alan R. Hopeman
William J. Hornbostel
Kim Robert Houtchens
Pamela J. Howell
Dan Hughes
Roger D. Hunt
Thomas J. Hurley
Martin P. & Thelma Hutt
Alice H. Ierley
R. Brooke & Liz Jackson
Robbi Jackson
Judith M. James
Kenneth A. Jaray
Peggy Jessel
Stephen F. Jewett
Douglas S. Joffe
Frank T. Johnson
Jeff J. Johnson
Winthrop Johnson
Frederick Jolley
Richard O. Jones
Martha J. Karnopp
Jonty Kasku-Jackson
Daniel G. Kay
Richard L. Kaylor
Robert F. Kelley
Jonathan Kilburn
Marie Kirk
James G. Kiryakakis
Gary A. Kleiman & Elisa Moran
David & Doris Klein
Howard & Barbara Klemme
Christopher F. Knud-Hansen
Steven N. Koeckeritz
Bradley K. Kolman
Sally J. Kornblith
Karen Kotke-Partingto
Rebecca Love Kourlis
Sarah Anne Krakoff
K. Harsha Krishnan
Robert S. Lackner
Paula M. Lallier
John P. Lange
David R. Lass
Sally Lazar
James H. Leach
Sanford E. Lee
Stephen H. Leonhardt
Andrea J. Levitt
Shirley A. Levy
Fredric J. Lewis
Noel C. Lindenmuth
Tony Link
Donna L. Lipinski
John A. Lobus
John C. Long
Judith Lubow
Patricia A. Luby
Robert J. Mack
Ann K. MacLaughlin
Lydia A. Mangan
Michael E. Manning
Donald Bennett Martin
Elizabeth A. Martinez
Michael Mask
W. Stephen McCormick
Bruce B. McCrea
L. W. McDaniel
John E. & Catherine L. McDermott
Steven W. & Barb McDonald
Richard C. McLean
Deborah Menkins
Thomas W. Metcalf
Lynn N. Meyer
Davide C. Migliaccio
Gregory S. Miller
Mary Helen Miller
Walker D. Miller
Mason Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
Donald S. Molen
Bill Morris
Edith I. Morris
Richard C. Morris
Wendy Moser
Hiroshi Motomura
Christine L. Murphy
H. Paul Muyskens
Sally S. Nadel
William & Joan Nagel
Katharine K. Nanda
David L. Nelson
Ronald H. Nemirow & Erin Shay
Lisa Noll
Steven Nypaver
Beth B. Ornstein
Cheryl Outerbridge
Stuart Pack
Thomas W. Peard
David A. Perlick
Robert C. Peterson
Mary M. Phillips
Donald E. Phillipson
Martin L. Plassmeyer
Frank Plaut
Maryjane Raabe
Vincent N. Rahaman
Herman A. Ratner
Steve Ray
Christopher B. Rehmet
Michael Reidy
Michael K. Reppe
Lenard Rioth
Janet S. Roberts
Lori L. Roberts
Sharon R. Roth
Robert B. Rottman
Ruth Ann Russell
Molly Anne Ryan
Mark H. Sackett
Robert J. Safranek
Carole Salamaha
Jo Ann Viola Salazar
Kenneth L. Salazar
Kirk S. Samelson
John F. Sass
Barry Satlow
Cynthia A. Savage
Judith F. Schulman
Lawrence J. Schulman
Allen R. Schwartz
Kenneth L. Scott
Lila Seal
Mark R. Shapiro
Dan R. Sheehy
David M. Sherman
Jane Shiley
Casey Ann Shpall
Norma A. Sierra
Robert L. Silber
Timothy J. Simmons
Carla Sledge
Elizabeth Anne Smith
Donald P. Smith, Jr.
Morgan Smith
Robert M. Smith
Marshall A. Snider
Brian A. Snow
R. Eric Solem
Harvey E. Solomon
Deborah A. Sperlak
Randolph W. Starr
Charles Edward Stirman
John A. Studholme
John W. Suthers
Sharon L. Svendsen
Victoria C. Swanson
Erik S. Taylor
Ralph C. Taylor
Nancy Terrill
Joan E. Teslow
Katharine J. Teter
Susan M. Thevenet
Janice Tilden
Janel A. Timmins
Nancy P. Tisdall
Margie J. Titus
Henry W. Toll, Jr.
Kristen & Paul Tourangeau
Elizabeth K. & James Tulloch
Paul E. Usery
Katherine L. Vaggalis Schaaf
Sherri Valentine
Patrick G. Vance
Stuart A. VanMeveren
John T. Vap
Daniel A. Vigil
Kevin M. Ward
Clinton W. Wasser
Zita L. Weinshienk
Lawrence & Rita Weiss
Manuel M. Weiss
Robin Welsh
Ernest G. & Barbara Werren
J.M. Stanlee West-Watt
Raymond E. Wilder
Murray & Debbie Wilkening
Mike & Janet Williams
Richard Willson
Richard G. Wohlgenant
Julie A. Wolfe
Winston W. Wolvington
David S. Woronoff
Stacy L. Worthington & James Boschert
Carl Gary Yeager
Ted & Su Zerwin
Robert & Linda Zinn
Keith H. Zook


Law Firms

$250 or More (per attorney)
Arnold & Porter
Baker & Hostetler, LLP
Ballard, Spahr, Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP
Banks & Imatani, PC
Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott
Becker Stowe & Bieber, LLC
Berg, McMurry & Culley, PC
Berliner Zisser Walter & Gallegos, PC
Brownstein Hyatt & Farber, PC
The Burkhardt Law Firm, LLP
Burns, Figa & Will, PC
Canges, Iwashko & Bethke, PC
Castle, Barrett, Daffin & Frappier, LLC
Cortez Macauley Bernhardt &
Schuetze, LLC
Davis & Ceriani, PC
Davis, Graham & Stubbs, LLP
Downey & Knickrehm, PC
Dufford & Brown, PC
Eley & Eley
Enoch & Enoch, PC
Featherstone & Desisto, LLP
Freeborn & Peters
Gersh & Helfrich, LLP
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP
Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, PC
Harris, Karstaedt, Jamison & Powers, PC
Heppenstall, Savage, Trower & Muller, LLC
Hill & Robbins, PC
Hogan & Hartson, LLP
Holland & Hart, LLP
Holme Roberts & Owen, LLP
Ireland, Stapleton, Pryor & Pascoe, PC
Jacobs Chase Frick Kleinkopf & Kelley, LLC
Jessop & Company, PC
Johnson & Johnson, PC
Kelly/Haglund/Garnsey & Kahn, LLC
King Clexton & Feola, LLC
Koncilja & Associates, PC
Lapin and Associates, PC
David Lichtenstein, Attorney at Law
Lirtzman, Nehls & Hepner, PC
McClure and Eggleston, LLC
Pepe J. Mendez & Associates, PC
Miller & Steiert, PC
Mills & Weitzenkorn, PC
Morrison & Foerster, LLP
Myers, Bradley, Devitt & Arp, PC
Netzorg & McKeever, PC
Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti, PC
Palmer, Guest & Esses, PC
Pendleton, Friedberg, Wilson &
Hennessey, PC
Petros & White, LLC
Purvis, Gray & Gordon, LLP
Quimby, Higgins & McDonald, LLP
Retherford, Mullen, Johnson &
Bruce, LLC
Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons, LLP
Senn Lewis Visciano & Strahle, PC
Sheldon & Gordon, PC
Sheridan Ross, PC
Sherman & Howard, LLC
Steiner, Darling, Hutchinson &
Wilson, LLP
Law Office of Diana Terry
Waldbaum, Corn, Koff & Berger, PC
Walters & Joyce, PC
Jo Ann Weinstein, Attorney at Law
Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley, PC
Wheeler Trigg & Kennedy, PC
White & Jankowski
Williams, Youle & Koenigs, PC
Wolf & Slatkin, PC

$100 - $249 (per attorney)

Alperstein & Covell, PC
Thomas L. Beckmann, PC
Berenbaum, Weinshienk & Eason, PC
Bernard, Lyons & Gaddis, PC
Caplan and Earnest, LLC
Carlson, Hammond & Paddock, LLC
Chrisman, Bynum & Johnson, PC
Cooley Godward, LLP
Law Office of Maxine Davenport, LLC
Denman & Corbetta, PC
DiManna & Jackson
Faegre & Benson, LLP
Feiger & Collison, PC
Leo L. Finkelstein, PC
Flynn, McKenna, Wright & Karsh, LLC
Gerlach & Weddell, PC
Law Office of Patricia Germer-Coolidge
Peter A. Goldstein, PC
Peter J. Gowen, PC
Grant & Grant, LLP
Hall & Evans, LLC
Hendricks, Hendricks & Shakes, PC
Heuser & Heuser
Hutchinson, Black & Cook, LLC
Icenogle, Norton & Seter, PC
Isaacson, Rosenbaum, Woods & Levy, PC
Kane, Donley & Johnson, PC
The Krovitz Law Firm, PC
Kruse & Lynch, PC
Kutak Rock
LeHouillier & Associates
McGeady Sisneros, PC
McKenna & Cuneo, LLP
Melat, Pressman, Ezell & Higbie, LLP
Miller, Lane, Killmer & Greisen, LLP
David C. Mize, PC
Osgood & Harris, LLC
Patton Boggs, LLP
Porzak, Browning & Johnson
Poulson, Odell & Peterson, LLC
Pryor, Johnson, Montoya, Carney & Karr, PC
Quade Fontana & Bonin, PC
Reiman & Bayaz, PC
Rodman & Ross-Shannon
Silverman & Riley
Sparks, Willson, Borges, Brandt & Johnson, PC
Daniel Stageman, PC
Swanson & Bratschun, LLC
James C. Tienken, PC

Toussaint & Nemer, PC
Trout & Raley, PC
Turner & Turner, PC
Cameron W. Tyler & Associates
Vranesh & Raisch, LLP
Gordon W. Williams, Attorney at Law
Williams & Trine, PC
Winston & Winston, PC
Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne, LLP
The Law Office of Eva Comacho Woodard
Yu, Stromberg, Cleveland, PC

$99 or Less (per attorney)
Alpern, Myers, Stuart, Scheuerman & Levinson, LLC
Anderson, Dude, Pifher & Lebel, PC
Anstine, Hill, Richards and Simpson
Balis & Barrett
Michael L. Beatty & Associates, PC
Berryhill, Cage and North, PC
Burk & Burk
Burns, Wall, Smith and Mueller, PC
Law Office of William H. Carnaham
Collins and Cockrel, PC
Bartley A. Costello, Jr.
Dietze & Davis, PC
M. Flynn Feeney
Fowler, Schimberg & Flanagan, PC
Gelt, Fleishman & Sterling, PC
Goff and Goff, LLC
Joan & Jeff Goldsmith, LLC
Greene, Meyer & McElroy, PC
Gutterman, Carlton & Heckenbach, LLP
Hamil Professional Corporation
Hanes & Schutz, PC
Irvin & Irvin
Joyner & Fewson, PC
Kingsbery & Kingsbery, LLC
Walter Kowalchik, Attorney at Law
Labuda & Goulart, LLC
Levin, Rechlitz and Shimel, LLC
John Livingston & Associates
Lyle & Moran, PC
Martin, Fest & Jessel, LLC
McAllister & Murphy, PC
McWilliams Mediation Group, LTD
John R. Perrin
Polidori, Gerome, Franklin &
Jacobson, LLC
Powers Phillips, PC
Richman & Jones, PC
Rossi, Cox, Kiker, & Inderwish
Rouss & O’Rourke
Law Offices of D.M. Saia
Charles D. Saxton & Associates
Shively, Strommen & Holst
Jeffrey L. Skovron, PC
Andrew Spiegel, PC
Tilly & Graves, PC
Timmins & Associates, LLC
Treece, Alfrey, Musat & Bosworth, PC
Vanatta, Sullan, Sandgrund &
Sullan, PC
Vaughan & Demuro
Wills & Adams


Arthur Andersen LLP
Barrett Resources
Colorado Bar Association
Daniels & Associates
Dennis & Company, CPA
Denver Fabrics
Duree & Company
Exabyte Corporation
Lawrence P. Gelfond
Melinda M. Harper
Michael B. Johnson & Co.
K N Energy, Inc.
Ronald L. Lantz
Lockheed Martin
Micromedex, Inc.
Oatley, Bystrom & Hansen
Patten, MacPhee & Associates
Richardson Agency
River Oaks Communications Corp.
A. Marvin Strait, CPA
Templeton & Associates
Yale and Company


Margaret McDonald Boss Trust
Castaways Foundation
The Colorado Springs Community Trust Fund
The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
The Denver Foundation
Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Harmes C. Fishback Foundation
Horwich Charitable Trust
The Humphreys Foundation
Rose Community Foundation

Employee Matching Gift Program

MediaOne Group
US WEST Foundation

tcl-1999nov-maryMary is 65 years old, severely disabled and suffers from recurrent vertigo, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, hypertension, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus with peripheral neuropathy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ("COPD") and ongoing anemia. She requires continuous oxygen for the COPD. Mary has been denied Home and Community Based Services ("HCBS") benefits at the administrative law judge ("ALJ") level. The intent of the HCBS program is to allow individuals to stay in their own home, thus preventing or delaying nursing home placement. Mary’s doctor supports her application for HCBS benefits and, in a letter to the ALJ, he stated that without HCBS services, he believes that Mary will need to be admitted to a custodial care nursing home or, at a minimum, an assisted living facility. Legal Aid is representing Mary in her appeal to the Office of Appeals.

Special Gifts

Janet & Art Fine
in honor of
Richard Bernick

Gary Blum
Janet & Art Fine
in memory of
Nathan Nemirow

Linda & Robert Zinn
in honor of
Les & Marianne Woodward

Mary A. Brauer
in memory of
Elizabeth S. Brauer

The Honorable Celeste M. C de Baca
in memory of
Irving P. Andrews

Mrs. Alex H. Warner
in memory of
Alex H. Warner

In-Kind Gifts

Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Interstate Gas Company
CNT Group, Inc.
Hein + Associates LLP
IKON Office Solutions
Jo Culbertson Design Inc.
KN Energy, Inc.
Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti
Sherman & Howard
Robert L. Weil, Artist

Event Contributors

Bluebird Theater staff
Brady’s Rent-All
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center staff
Jack Quinn’s Irish Ale House & Pub
Jo Culbertson Design Inc.
KN Energy, Inc.
The Peppercorn Collection
South Jefferson County
The Tattered Cover
Trattoria De Angelo
The Vineyard Wine Shop

Special Events

Holiday Wine Tastings

tcl-1999nov-wineThe Denver Bar Association Young Lawyers Division held the Fifth Annual Wine Tasting event raising $4,800 for the Foundation.

The El Paso Bar Association’s Second Annual New Lawyers Section Wine Tasting to Benefit Legal Aid raised $2,600.

The major sponsors of these events were: Templeton & Associates; Classic Wines; Continental Divide Distributors; Dionysus; Grand Vin Distributing Company; Lukas Liquors Superstore; Midwest Beverage Company; Mountain Wine Distributing Company; National Distributing Company; Northpoint Purveyors; Pinnacle Distributing Company; Plum Creek Cellars; Village Vineyards Wines & Spirits; Western Wine & Spirits; Western-Davis, Ltd.

Springtime Garage Sale

Over fifty people donated hundreds of items for a garage sale organized by the Colorado Bar Association Young Lawyers’ Division to benefit the Legal Aid Foundation. Volunteers haggled with bargain hunters to raise $3,800 for legal services!

Volunteers and Friends

We recognize the following individuals for their commitment toward increasing the resources and strengthening existing efforts to meet the legal needs of Colorado’s poor population.

Deborah R. Adams
Bennett S. Aisenberg
Byron Akers
Jonathan D. Asher
Geoffrey H. Atzbach
Frederick J. Baumann
Hayley Belt
Heather Belt
Scott A. Blackmun
Kent H. Borges
Robert W. Brandes, Jr.
James A. Brantz
Paul Bratfisch
Tricia Brown
Mary Buckley
Bruce T. Buell
David Butler
Michael H. Bynum
A. Bruce Campbell
Tim Carpenter
Michael Carter
Stephanie Carter
Anne J. Castle
Steven C. Choquette
Kris A. Ciccolo
CIG Print Shop Employees
Stephen A. Closky
Harvey L. Cohen
Amy Cook
Cynthia F. Covell
Jo Culbertson
Scott Culley
George B. Curtis
John Cyboron
Elizabeth C. Darling
Sharon Davis
Leanne De Vos
Pat Dean
Cynthia P. Delaney
Gigi Dennis
Howard M. Diamond
John J. Donahue
Rebecca Wilcox Dow
David J. Driscoll
Daniel Duggan
Michael J. Duncan
Caroline Easton
Nicole Elias
Nancy B. Elkind
Laura Embleton
Peter Enichen
Kevin Ewy
Bruce Fest
Phillip S. Figa
W. Harold Flowers, Jr.
Rob Frank
John N. Franklin
Joseph French
Meredith Frinsko
John W. Gaddis
Larry R. Gaddis
John F. Gallagher
Walter W. Garnsey, Jr.
Matthew D. Gordon
Harold A. Haddon
Amy Hand
Stephen D. Harris
David B. Harrison
Cathryn Hazouri
Reed Heimbecher
Brenda Heinicke
Tom Herd
Donald W. Hoagland
Gary Holden
Brandon Hull
Christine Hylbert
David F. Jankowski
Elaine T. Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Richard A. Johnson
William G. Kaufman
Phillip A. Kendall
James Kin
Diane S. King
Kevin Kinnear
Stephen G. Koerner
Bruce A. Kolbezen
Mary Kominek
David Koppa
William J. Kowalski
Mary Ann Krawchuk
Clifton B. Kruse, Jr.
Stacia Kuhn
Scott LaBarre
June Baker Laird
Steven C. Lass
Ronald K. Ledgerwood
Jerome L. Lemberger
Tracy Lessig
Lisa A. Lett
Katherine A. LeVoy
Gloria Leyba
Cynthia Luken
Trevor Maritzky
Daniel Markofsky
Saranne K. Maxwell
John R. Mehaffy
H. Barton Mendenhall
Fofi Mendez
James L. Merrill
Karyl M. Misrack
Bill Munn
D. Rico Munn
Jill E. Murray
Ann B. Mygatt
Richard C. Nehls
Quigg Newton
Edward J. Nugent
Peter J. Obernesser
Greg O’Boyle
Steve H. Ozawa
Stuart H. Pack
William A. Paddock
Joaquin Padilla
John C. Parks
Leslie A. Patten
Katherine J. Peck
Martin Perkins
Edwin G. Perlmutter
Chris Petersen
Raymond L. Petros, Jr.
William D. Prakken
Jerry A. Retherford
Mario H. Rivera
William C. Robb
David W. Robbins
Rich Rodriguez
Richard E. Romeo
Jason Romero
Diana Ruth
Brent E. Rychener
Walter H. Sargent
Jan B. Sbarbaro
James E. Scarboro
Julie Schoenfeld
Robert A. Schuetze
Mark A. Senn
Walter Slatkin
Jeffrey L. Smith
Sabrina C. Stavish
Helen R. Stone
Sloane Stricker
Mary Hurley Stuart
Mark D. Sullivan
John W. Suthers
Sherri Sweers
Pete Thomas
Steve Tool
Charles C. Turner
Craig A. Umbaugh
Michael Valdez
Judy Vorndran
Paul Vorndran
William E. Walters, III
John Leonard Watson
Robert L. Weil
Gina Weitzenkorn
John F. Welborn
Matt Werner
Dave West
Dottie Wham
Carolynne C. White
Michael & Janean Whited
Marla J. Williams
Deborah Wilson
Lester R. Woodward
Lucien Wulsin
Michael A. Zeeb

Hundreds of individuals donate their time and energies toward making the Legal Aid Foundation successful. We have tried to include all of our wonderful friends and regret omitting anyone’s name.

For thousands of Coloradans, the legal services programs are the only means by which they can resolve disputes and obtain justice.

1998-99 Board of Trustees

A. Bruce Campbell
Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti

Deborah R. Adams
Sole Practitioner

Richard C. Nehls
Lirtzman, Nehls & Hepner

Michael A. Zeeb
Arthur Andersen LLP

Bennett S. Aisenberg
Sole Practitioner

Jonathan D. Asher
Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver

Frederick J. Baumann
Rothgerber, Johnson & Lyons

Robert W. Brandes, Jr.
Myatt, Brandes & Gast

Scott A. Blackmun
US Olympic Committee

Michael H. Bynum
Chrisman, Bynum & Johnson

Anne J. Castle
Holland & Hart

Kris A. Ciccolo

Cynthia P. Delaney
Sherman & Howard

Laura Embleton
CLE in Colorado

Harold A. Haddon
Haddon, Morgan & Foreman

David F. Jankowski
White & Jankowski

Mary Ann Krawchuk
Sole Practitioner

Steven C. Lass
Kelly/Haglund/Garnsey & Kahn

Jerome L. Lemberger
Pikes Peak/Arkansas River Legal Aid

Lisa A. Lett
New Century Energies

Karyl M. Misrack

D. Rico Munn
Baker & Hostetler

Jill E. Murray
LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & MacRae, LLP

Steve H. Ozawa
KN Energy, Inc.

Leslie A. Patten
Patten, MacPhee & Associates

Katherine J. Peck
Holme, Roberts & Owen

William D. Prakken
Williams, Turner & Holmes

Mario Rivera
Colorado Rural Legal Services

David W. Robbins
Hill & Robbins

Walter H. Sargent
Sole Practitioner

William E. Walters, III
Walters & Joyce

John Leonard Watson
Freeborn & Peters

Dave West
Durango Construction

Marla J. Williams
The Women’s Foundation

Lester R. Woodward
Davis, Graham & Stubbs

Revenue & Expenses*
for the year ended June 30, 1999

Support and Revenue: Total
    Attorneys $ 163,395
    Law firms 420,837
    Corporations and foundations 64,875
    In-kind 18,701
    Non-attorneys 6,495
Investment income 8,638
Credit card interest 13,941
Special events 11,461
Other 2,184
Total support and revenue $ 710,527

Expenses: Total
Distribution to programs $ 573,000
Management and general 36,427
Fund-raising activities 84,314
Total expenses $ 693,741



*These numbers have been reviewed by Hein + Associates LLP.

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