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December 1998      Vol. 27, No. 12

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Bar News

Bar News
Bar News, p. 1
Jennifer Williams


Workplace Privacy, Autonomy, and Dignity in Colorado: Part II, p. 5
Craig M. Cornish


CBA President's Message to Members
Am I in the Right Profession?, p. 19
Ben S. Aisenberg

Specialty Law Columns

Automation Annotations
Automated Evidence Presentation Software: An Emerging Trend for the Courtroom-Part I, p. 35
Eileen M. Siemek, Sandra K. Numedahl

Criminal Law Newsletter
Witness Immunity Under Colorado Law, p. 37
William W. Hood

Estate and Trust Forum
The Imposition of Constructive Trusts and Other Concepts at Probate—Part I, p. 41
David W. Kirch

Family Law Newsletter
Valuing Goodwill: Factors to Consider and Sources of Information, p. 45
Shari Lutz

Government and Administrative Law News
Clarifying the Boundaries of Eleventh Amendment Immunity, p. 51
Deb Asimus, Michelle Reese

Natural Resource and Environmental Notes
Environmental Justice: A Tool for Community Empowerment, p. 55
Sandra Richardson

Real Estate Law Newsletter
When Do Deeds of Trust Bite the Dust?, p. 61
Maria Massaro Guttenberg

Tax Tips
How to Deal with (and Survive) IRS Income Tax Audits, p. 65
Dawson L. Joyner

Technology Law and Policy Review
Preparing for Year 2000 Litigation, p. 71
Carole Jeffery

Young Lawyers Column
Courtroom Etiquette: How to Set Yourself Apart, p. 77
Leonard I. Frieling


Appellate Practice
Questions from the Bench, p. 21
Andrew M. Low

From The Wool-Sack
From The Wool-Sack, p. 25
Christopher R Brauchli

Legal Support Briefs, p. 26

Off the Record
Off the Record, p. 27
Leland P. Anderson

Pro Bono Success Stories
Pro Bono is a Team Effort, p. 29
Patty Bennett, Charlene Sinclair

Report from the Department of Legislative Relations
The "New Look" of the Legislature, p. 31
Michael Valdez

In Memoriam, p. 33

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Court Business
Court Business, p. 199

Legal Notices, Products, and Services

Lawyers' Announcements, p. 79

Expert Witness Guide, p. 87

Index of Display Advertisers, p. 89

CLECI Planning Guide, p. 91

The Legal Marketplace, p. 95

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