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March 1998      Vol. 27, No. 3

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Bar News

Bar News
Bar News, p. 1
Heather Baniszewski


Avoiding Living Probate, p. 5
James R. Walker


CBA President's Message to Members
Lend-A-Lawyers Are in the Right Place at the Right Time, p. 13
Rebecca Koppes Conway

An Oral History: Raphael J. Moses, p. 15
Tom Faxon

The Colorado Lawyer Readership Survey: A Summary of Results, p. 19
Arlene Abady

Specialty Law Columns

Alternative Dispute Resolution Column
Engalla's Legacy to Arbitration: The Importance of Independant Administration, p. 37
Edward A. Dauer

Business Law Newsletter
Funding Buy-Sell Agreements, p. 41
Janet C. Arrowood

The Civil Litigator
Rules 16 and 16.2: Reality Check 1998, p. 45
Ron Carlson

Civil Evidence
Dying Declarations, p. 49
Martin D. Litt

Disability Law Column
Standing to Sue Under Title III of the ADA, p. 51
Amy F. Robertson

Estate and Trust Forum
Avoiding Appreciation in Trust Assets Being Treated as Marital Property, p. 57
David W. Kirch

Family Law Newsletter
Identifying Cases of Parent Alienation Syndrome--Part II, p. 61
Leona M. Kopetski

Labor and Employment Review
Damage Caps Under the Civil Rights Act of 1991, p. 65
William J. Martinez, Kathleen M. Flynn

Law Practice Management
How to Work with a Public Relations Professional, p. 69
Donna Moreno

Automation Annotations
Decoding E-mail Encryption, p. 73
Michael Millington

Local Government Newsletter
Zoning for Cellular Towers Under Current Regulatory Conditions, p. 75
Claire B. Levy

Natural Resource and Environmental Notes
Land-Use Planning on the National Forests, p. 79
Scott W. Hardt

Young Lawyers Column
The Guardian ad Litem in Juvenile Delinquency Court, p. 83
Eric R. Weisman


Judges' Corner
Protocols of the Colorado Supreme Court, p. 21
Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr.

Off the Record
Off the Record, p. 25
Leland P. Anderson

The Scrivener: Modern Legal Writing
Plain English Part II: Shorter Sentences and Lighter Luggage, p. 27
K. K. DuVivier

Legal Services News
Health Care for Low-Income Coloradans, p. 29
Peter Komlos-Hrobsky

Legal Support Briefs, p. 33

From The Wool-Sack
From The Wool-Sack, p. 35
Christopher R Brauchli

Legal Notices, Products, and Services

Lawyers' Announcements, p. 87

Expert Witness Guide, p. 95

The Legal Marketplace, p. 98

Index of Display Advertisers, p. 106

CLECI Planning Guide, p. 107

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