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May 1998      Vol. 27, No. 5

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Bar News

Bar News
Bar News, p. 1
Heather Baniszewski


Recent Employment Law Developments in Colorado, p. 5
John A. Criswell


CBA President's Message to Members
Customer Service, p. 13
Rebecca Koppes Conway

Proposed Standards of Conduct For Mediators, p. 15

1997 Annual Report of the Colorado Supreme Court Grievance Committee, p. 17

Jury Reform: A Brief Overview, p. 23

Specialty Law Columns

Business Law Newsletter
The Corporate Director's Duty of Oversight, p. 33
Mark J. Loewenstein

The Civil Litigator
Title IX: Life After Cohen v. Brown, p. 37
Joseph D. Bower

Civil Evidence
E-Mail as Evidence, p. 43
Adam R. Eaton, Roxane J. Perruso

Estate and Trust Forum
Claims Against Decedents' Estates, p. 45
David Steinhoff

The Ethics Column
Conflict Issues When Attorneys Switch Jobs, p. 49
Marcy G. Glenn

Family Law Newsletter
Use of a Parenting Coordinator in Domestic Cases, p. 53
Doris B. Truhlar

Law Practice Management
Defamation and Privacy Violations Online: Colorado and Beyond, p. 57
Brian J. Wolf, Arthur W. Porter

Automation Annotations
Scanning: High-Tech Luxury, p. 63
Sheldon E. Friedman

Local Government Newsletter
Enterprises Under Article X, ยง 20 of the Colorado Constitution--Part II, p. 65
Amy Kennedy, Dee P. Wisor

Real Estate Law Newsletter
The Rules Have Changed for Quiet Title Actions, p. 69
Willis Carpenter

Tax Tips
Let's Compromise: A Look at the IRS's Offer in Compromise Program, p. 73
William M. Wauben, Janice I. Wauben

Tort and Insurance Law Reporter
Mandatory Arbitration and the Medical Malpractice Plaintiff, p. 77
Christine Stegehuis


In Memoriam, p. 24

Legal Services News
Match Program--Filling the Gap, p. 27
Canora Podd

Legal Support Briefs, p. 29

The Scrivener: Modern Legal Writing
Plain English Part III: Choosing the Right Words, p. 31
K. K. DuVivier

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Court Business
Jury Reform: Civil and Criminal Proposed Rules, p. 99

Attorney Regulation System: Proposed Rules, p. 103

Legal Notices, Products, and Services

Lawyers' Announcements, p. 81

CLECI Planning Guide, p. 85

Expert Witness Guide, p. 89

The Legal Marketplace, p. 92

Index of Display Advertisers, p. 130

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