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June 1998      Vol. 27, No. 6

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Bar News

Bar News
Bar News, p. 1
Darlene M. Emery


Colorado Choice of Entity 1998, p. 5
Robert R. Keatinge


CBA President's Message to Members
Some Well-Deserved Thanks and a Few Random Thoughts, p. 67
Rebecca Koppes Conway

An Oral History: Larry McDaniel, p. 69
Warwick Downing

The Colorado Bar Foundation, p. 73

Pro Bono: One Success Story for Lawyers, p. 81
Jane Gill Kellenberger

Specialty Law Columns

Advising Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofit Organizations in Partnerships and LLCs: Rev. Rul. 98-15 and H.B. 1221, p. 101
Robert R. Keatinge, Arthur A. Hundhausen

Alternative Dispute Resolution Column
Post-Decree Multi-Door Courthouse: A Pilot Program for the State, p. 109
Cynthia A. Savage

Automation Annotations
Sharing Electronic Documents, p. 113
Mark Kolber

Business Law Newsletter
Good Faith and Fair Dealing Developments-Part I, p. 115
E. Lee Reichert

Criminal Law Newsletter
Juveniles in the Department of Human Services: Commitment to Change?, p. 121
Patricia Craig

Estate and Trust Forum
"Because I Like it Here": Living Wills and Change of Attitude, p. 125
Clifton B. Kruse, Jr.

Family Law Newsletter
Colorado's Displaced Homemakers Act, p. 129
Gretchen Aultman

Natural Resource and Environmental Notes
Mining "en la Frontera": New Mining Treaty Between Argentina and Chile, p. 135
E. Dale Trower, Pilar PiƱeiro

Real Estate Law Newsletter
Redemption in Purgatory: Who Can Thwart Lienholder Redemption Rights?, p. 139
Jonathan A. Goodman, Richard Byron Peddie

Technology Law and Policy Review
Copyright Misuse: A Defense Whose Time Has Come?, p. 143
Carole Jeffery


Judges' Corner
Riding the Circuit into a New Century, p. 77
Steve Lass

Off the Record
Off the Record, p. 85
Leland P. Anderson

Report from the Communications Department
We're Headed Your Way, p. 87
Diane Hartman

From The Wool-Sack
From The Wool-Sack, p. 89
Christopher R Brauchli

Appellate Practice
Avoiding Distractions, p. 91
Andrew M. Low

CBA Ethics Committee Formal Opinions
Formal Opinion No. 102: Use of Subpoenas in Criminal Proceedings, p. 93

Use of Subpoenas in Civil Actions and Proceedings, p. 93

In Memoriam, p. 99

Legal Support Briefs, p. 99

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Court Business
Court Business, p. 171

Legal Notices, Products, and Services

Lawyers' Announcements, p. 147

CLECI Planning Guide, p. 153

Expert Witness Guide, p. 157

Index of Display Advertisers, p. 159

The Legal Marketplace, p. 160

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