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October 2002      Vol. 31, No. 10

The Colorado Lawyer, the official publication of the Colorado Bar Association, serves as an informational and educational resource to improve the practice of law.

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Bar News

Bar News
Bar News, p. 4
Lindsay Packard


CBA President's Message to Members
"Contract Rap", p. 63
John E. Moye

Specialty Law Columns

Business Law Newsletter
Uses and Abuses of the Internet in the Securities Industry, p. 95
David C. Roos

Estate and Trust Forum
Life Settlements: A New Option For Excess Life Insurance, p. 99
Morton P. Greenberg, C. Andrew Graham

Family Law Newsletter
Parenting Time Schedules for Infants and Toddlers: Evidence Regarding Overnights, p. 103
Linda Luther-Starbird, Jean E. LaCrosse

Health Law Forum
Of (Allegedly) Bad Docs and (Definitely) Good Dogs: Update on Choice of Entity For Healthcare Professionals, p. 109
Allen Sparkman

Real Estate Law Newsletter
Oil and Gas Title Searches and Notice Under the Surface Development Notification Act, p. 113
Richard H. Bate

Professional Conduct and Legal Ethics
Recording Charging Liens Against Real Property: When, Not Whether, p. 121
Alec Rothrock

Children and the Law

Preface, p. 11
Tatiana Taylor, Shari Shink

Foreward, p. 13
Rebecca Love Kourlis

Children as Witnesses, p. 15
Sheila A. Rappaport

The Nuts and Bolts of Juvenile Delinquency, p. 19
Bradley M. Bittan

Parenting Time in Divorce, p. 25
Joan H. McWilliams

Using the IEP to Get Appropriate Services for Students with Disabilities, p. 29
Randy Chapman

Guidance for Attorneys When Children's Mental Health Concerns are Implicated, p. 33
David Furman, Kathleen Janski

Achieving Safe, Permanent Homes for Colorado Children, p. 37
Shari Shink, Tim Eirich

Ethical Issues for Guardians ad Litem Representing Children in Dependency and Neglect Cases, p. 43
Jennifer Renne

Innovative Practices in Juvenile Court, p. 51
Tatiana Taylor

Organizations Committed To Serving Children, p. 57


ABA Delegates' Report
Report on the Annual Meeting of the ABA House of Delegates August 5 and 6, 2002, in Washington, D.C., p. 67
Fred Rodgers

ABA Finalizes Work on Multijurisdictional Practice and Strategic Alliances, p. 70
Robert R. Keatinge

Access to Justice
Improving Access to Justice Through Local Committees And a Statewide Commission, p. 77
David Butler

CBA Family Violence Program
Child Maltreatment and the Role of Colorado Lawyers, p. 79
Marvin Ventrell

From Our Readers
From Our Readers, p. 83

From The Wool-Sack
From The Wool-Sack, p. 85
Christopher R Brauchli

Judges' Corner
Report-Writing Tips for Guardians ad Litem in Dependency and Neglect Cases, p. 87
Karen M. Ashby

Technology and Law Practice
“But Judge, I Got it From the ‘Net’!”—The Admissibility of Internet Evidence, p. 91
Steve C. Posner

In Memoriam
In Memoriam, p. 132

Historical Perspectives
Law, Order, and Municipal Authority In Colorado’s Early Mining Towns, p. 134
Tom I. Romero, II

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Matters Resulting In Diversion and Private Admonition
Colorado Supreme Court Office of Regulation Counsel, p. 153

Colorado Disciplinary Cases
Summaries of Opinions, p. 161

Opinions, p. 163

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