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October 2003      Vol. 32, No. 10

The Colorado Lawyer, the official publication of the Colorado Bar Association, serves as an informational and educational resource to improve the practice of law.

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Bar News

Bar News
Bar News, p. 4
Lindsay Packard

Bar News Highlight
The Boarder Appeal, p. 6
Lindsay Packard


CBA President's Message to Members
The Bricks and Mortar of the Legal System, p. 69
Robert J. Truhlar

Specialty Law Columns

Alternative Dispute Resolution Column
Transactional Mediation: Using Mediators in Deals, p. 81
Scott Peppet

Government and Administrative Law News
Colorado's State Personnel System, p. 85
Carol Caeser, Vincent R. White

Intellectual Property and Technology Law
A Brand New World: International Trademark Registration And the Madrid Protocol, p. 89
Natalie Hanlon-Leh, Kathleen S. Herbert, Adam Lindquist Scoville

Juvenile Law
The Mandate to Use Special Education At Juvenile Delinquency Sentencings, p. 99
Bradley M. Bittan

Natural Resource and Environmental Notes
RS 2477: The Battle Over Rights-of-Way on Federal Land, p. 105
Michael S. Freeman, Lusanna J. Ro

Workers' Compensation Report
Update on Colorado Appellate Decisions In Workers’ Compensation Law, p. 113
Ralph Ogden

Young Lawyers Column
Challenging the Unreliable Damages Expert-Part I, p. 119
Troy R. Rackham

Ethics for Colorado Lawyers Special Issue

Preface, p. 11
Susan Bernhardt

Foreword, p. 13
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.

Pro Bono Representation-An Ethical Perspective, p. 15
Daniel M. Taubman

The Challenge of Being a Truthful Advocate, p. 19
John A. Jostad

Before You Buy the Chairs: The Ethics of Organizing an Office, p. 23
D. Rico Munn

Ethical Marketing, p. 27
Paula M. Ray, Stephen G. Masciocchi

Ethical Considerations in Forming and Maintaining the Attorney-Client Relationship, p. 31
Cindy Fleischner, Troy R. Rackham

Fee Arrangements for The MTV Generation, p. 37
Alec Rothrock

Ethics and the Business Lawyer, p. 43
Cecil E. Morris, Jr., Richard F. Hennessey

Pretrial Ethics: A Day in the Life of an Ethical Lawyer, p. 49
Lisa D. Williams

Ethical Duties During Litigation, p. 53
Nancy L. Cohen

End of Representation, p. 59
Julie M. Walker

Basic Ethics Resources For Lawyers, p. 65
Susan E. Sanders


ABA Delegates' Report
Actions of the ABA House of Delegates at Its Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA, August 11–12, 2003, p. 71
Fred Rodgers

Changes to Model Rules and New Corporate Governance Resolution: A Reaction to Corporate Malfeasance, p. 73
Chris Little

From The Wool-Sack
From The Wool-Sack, p. 77
Christopher R Brauchli

Judges' Corner
The Impact of Colorado’s Fiscal Crisis on the Judicial Branch, p. 79
Mary J. Mullarkey

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Matters Resulting in Diversion
Matters Resulting In Diversion And Private Admonition, p. 147

Colorado Disciplinary Cases
Summaries of Opinions, p. 153

Opinions, p. 155

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Tenth Circuit Summaries, p. 179

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