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July 2004      Vol. 33, No. 7

The Colorado Lawyer, the official publication of the Colorado Bar Association, serves as an informational and educational resource to improve the practice of law.

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Bar News

Bar News
Bar News, p. 4
Leona Martínez

Bar News Highlight, p. 6


Six of the Greatest
John Gorsuch, p. 11
Ben S. Aisenberg

John Franklin Shafroth, p. 15
Frank Hagerman Shafroth

Louis G. Isaacson, p. 19
Bradley A. Friedman

Conrad L. Ball, p. 23
Roger Clark

John F. "Jack" Healy, p. 27
W. Terry Ruckriegle

Robert B. Lee, p. 31
Edward B. Lee

Steve Briggs: A Profile Of the New CBA President, p. 35
Diane Hartman

CBA President's Message to Members
CBA, LBA, and Symbiosis, p. 37
Steve C. Briggs

Jury Reform In the State Court System, p. 39
Leland P. Anderson, Melinda Taylor

Highlights of 2004 Legislation, p. 43
Michael Valdez

Specialty Law Columns

Business Law Newsletter
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: Impact on Private Companies and Their Attorneys, p. 73
Herrick K. Lidstone, Jr.

The Civil Litigator
Foreseeability and the Economic Loss Rule—Part I, p. 81
Craig K. Lawler

The Admissibility of “Testimonial” Hearsay, p. 89
Elizabeth Harris

Estate and Trust Forum
Crisis Intervention to Prevent Elder Abuse: Emergency Guardianships and Other Legal Procedures, p. 91
Paul Mitchell

Family Law Newsletter
Rorschach Use in Parenting Evaluations: Recommendations for Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses, p. 97
Linda Luther-Starbird

Natural Resource and Environmental Notes
EPA’s New Source Review and Routine Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement Reforms, p. 105
Arthur P. Mizzi

Tort and Insurance Law Reporter
Recovery of Medical Expenses by Insured Medical Malpractice Victims, p. 113
Anthony Viorst

Young Lawyers Column
All I Really Need to Know I Learned As a New Associate, p. 119
Ronald M. Sandgrund


ABA Delegates' Report
Preview of House of Delegates Agenda Items: Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, August 9–10, 2004, p. 47
Fred Rodgers

Access to Justice
Activities of the Colorado Access to Justice Commission: An Update, p. 49
David Butler

In Memoriam
In Memoriam, p. 52

CBA Board of Governors Meeting May 8, 2004, p. 53

CBA Family Violence Program
Elements of an Effective Workplace Violence Program, p. 57
Mark Cohen

Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers
Peer Assistance: A Key Component for Professionals in Recovery, p. 63
Jill Bachman

Interprofessional Committee Hypothetical Case Report, p. 65

Judges' Corner
Colorado Probate Cases and the Denver Probate Court, p. 67
C. Jean Stewart

The Scrivener: Modern Legal Writing
The Reference Brief, p. 71
K. K. DuVivier

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Court Business
Court Business, p. 147

Matters Resulting in Diversion
Matters Resulting In Diversion And Private Admonition, p. 155

Colorado Disciplinary Cases
Summaries of Disciplinary Opinions, p. 163

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