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February 2007      Vol. 36, No. 2

The Colorado Lawyer, the official publication of the Colorado Bar Association, serves as an informational and educational resource to improve the practice of law.

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In and Around the Bar

Bar News, p. 5
Mindy Marks, Cheryl Law

CBA Nominating Committee
CBA Notice of Nominations, p. 10

CBA Ethics Committee
Addendum to Formal Opinion 101: Unbundled Legal Services, p. 11


Juvenile Law
The Basics on Juveniles in Probate Court for Protective Proceedings, p. 15
Fred Rodgers

Professional Conduct and Legal Ethics
Attorney Discipline and Disability Process and Procedure—Part I, p. 23
Alec Rothrock

Tort and Insurance Law
Liability Insurance Coverage for Breach of Contract Damages, p. 39
Ronald M. Sandgrund, Leslie A. Tuft

Trust and Estate Law
Marital Agreements in Colorado, p. 53
Constance D. Smith, Constance Beck Wood, Julia Griffith McVey


Access to Justice
Access to Justice Commission: 2006 Report, p. 65
JoAnn Vogt

Law Practice Management
Understanding Today’s Disability Insurance Contracts: The Heart of the Matter, p. 69
David M. Richards

Legal Research Corner
Colorado Joint Legislative Library: Background, Resources, and Services, p. 73
Molly Otto, Gay E. Roesch

Review of Legal Resources
American Bar Association Legal Guide to Home Renovation, p. 79
Jeffery L. Weeden

Anatomy for Litigators, p. 79
William Becker, Jr.

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Second edition, p. 80
Susan Bernhardt

Guide to Workplace Law, Second Edition, p. 81
Peter Mullison

The Litigators Guide to Electronic Evidence and Technology, p. 81
Richard B. Copeland

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Court Business, p. 111

Colorado Disciplinary Cases
Disciplinary Case Summaries, p. 117

Disciplinary Opinions, p. 119

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Tenth Circuit Summaries, p. 129

Notices, Products, and Services

Young Lawyers Division
Young Lawyers Division, p. 83

In Memoriam, p. 92

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