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October 2011      Vol. 40, No. 10

The Colorado Lawyer, the official publication of the Colorado Bar Association, serves as an informational and educational resource to improve the practice of law.

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In and Around the Bar

CBA President's Message to Members
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, p. 5
David L. Masters

Bar News
News From CBA Sections, Committees, Local and Specialty Bars, and More, p. 9

CBA Environmental Law Section Policy
Sustainability in Action: Moving a Trend Into Practice, p. 17
Margaret K. Hayward


Coordinating Editors for Substantive Law Articles, p. 20

The Regulatory Future of Clean, Reliable Energy: Increasing Distributed Generation, p. 31
Dennis L. Arfmann, Tiffany Joye, Eric Lashner

Climate Change and Positional Conflicts of Interest, p. 43
Chris L. Colclasure, Denise W. Kennedy, Stephen G. Masciocchi

EPA’s Evolving Regulation of Greenhouse Gases, p. 53
Howard Kenison, Katherine A. Roek

Legislating Carbon Sequestration: Pore Space Ownership and Other Policy Considerations, p. 61
Matthew J. Lepore, Derek L. Turner

Renewable Energy and Rare-Earth Elements, p. 69
Karen A. Miller

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions: Regulation, Litigation, and Legislation, p. 75
Elizabeth delone Paranhos, Peter M. Zalzal

The LEED® Green Building Certification Program: Present Criticisms and Future Development, p. 83
Todd A. Weaver

Test Answers, p. 89

Special Issue: Climate Change and Clean Energy

About the Coordinating Editors, p. 21

CLE Credits, p. 21

Affidavit of Accreditation, p. 22

Preface: Colorado’s New Energy Economy, p. 23
Bill Ritter, Jr.

Introduction: Cooperation is Key in Energy Security and Climate Change, p. 27
Mark Udall

A Poem: Be Prepared!, p. 29
Greg Hobbs

Coordinating Editors for Department Articles, p. 92

Review of Legal Resources
Brownfields: A Comprehensive Guide to Redeveloping Contaminated Property, Third Ed., p. 93
Caitlin Shields

Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law and Taxation: New Investment Techniques, p. 94
Amy M. Mowry

Environmental Aspects of Real Estate and ­Commercial Transactions: From Brownfields to Green Buildings, Fourth Ed., p. 95
Eric J. Heil

Environmental Law Practice: Problems and Exercises for Skills Development, Third Ed., p. 96
Katherine Ellis

From Sprawl to Sustainability: Smart Growth, New Urbanism, Green Development, and ­Renewable Energy, Second Ed., p. 97
Christopher G. Hayes

Green Building and Sustainable Development: The Practical Legal Guide, p. 98
Meredith P. Van Horn

The Law of Green Buildings: Regulatory and Legal Issues in Design, Construction, Operations and Financing, p. 98
Jessica H. Miller

Read a book. Write a review., p. 99

Read a family law-related book. Write a review., p. 100

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Court Business, p. 123

Matters Resulting in Diversion
Disciplinary Case Summaries for Matters Resulting in Diversion and Private Admonition, p. 127

Colorado Disciplinary Cases
Disciplinary Case Summaries, p. 133

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Summaries of Selected Opinions, p. 135

Notices, Products, and Services

CBA Young Lawyers Division News and Notices, p. 101

Colorado Supreme Court Pro Bono Legal Services Commitment and Recognition Program, p. 104

In Memoriam, p. 111

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