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Pearls of Wellness Wisdom, by Barbara Ezyk,
May 2016, page 61


Loved your article in the May 2016 Colorado Lawyer. I’ve been practicing law for 30 years and, someday, I hope to do the things you wrote about. I exercise when I can, and it does help. I’m very bad at vacations and can’t imagine a full week of vacation. I’m going to try to incorporate your suggestions into my everyday life. I’m not sure why, but your article struck a nerve.

I want you to know that articles like this are important. This is difficult work. Clients come to us when their lives are in turmoil. The pressure from opposing counsel and court-ordered deadlines is exhausting. I have known many colleagues who have turned to very negative lifestyles to try to cope with the pressure. I have seen marriages ruined by the failure or inability to cope with the work.

Articles in The Colorado Lawyer often reinforce the concept that there is so much I don’t know. That articles are informative and interesting, but humbling. Then, I read the Lawyers’ Announcements and learn about new lawyers who think they have the world by the tail and “seasoned” lawyers who are starting over or moving on. Worse yet, I read about the disciplinary actions and think, “There but for the grace of God . . ."

I like my job and sincerely believe that this is an honorable profession. To make it work, I need positive reinforcement. I need reminders to stop and breathe. I need to know it’s okay to take a vacation. I need suggestions on positive ways to deal with the job. I have been reading The Colorado Lawyer for as long as I can remember. You are the first author I have ever responded to.


—Name withheld



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