A Moving Story

by Patrick Flaherty



Friending, Following, and Liking: Social Media and the Courts

by Hon. Richard L. Gabriel and Nina Varsava

Here Comes the Judge: Judicial Analytics

by Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen

Use Quotations to Make a Point

by Michael A. Blasie

How Judges Can Encourage Unbundling

by Daniel M. Taubman and Adam J. Espinosa

Evaluating Research Technology

by G. Patrick Flanagan

The Blockchain Moment

by Eric Kintner

How Coloradans View Attorneys

by Michael Conklin

Our Courts: A Model for Adult Education

by Justice Richard L. Gabriel

Fresh Start at the Bankruptcy Court

by Thomas B. McNamara

Case One, Day One

by Larry Pozner

Leading by Listening

by Christina M. Habas

Preparing Clients for Mediation

by Russell Carparelli

A Federal Perspectice

by Marcia S. Krieger

When Unprofessional Conduct  Results in Formal Discipline 

by William R. Lucero and Ginette Chapman


Frontier Justice for E.M.

by Frank Gibbard

Thanks and Good-Bye

by Chief Justice Nancy E. Rice

The Leadership Conundrum

presented by CBA’s Practice MGMT HQ

Judgment Day

by Ron Sandgrund


“We Are Called”

by Monica M. Márquez

Be You: My Path to the District Court

by Lance Phillip Timbreza

Beyond Borders: The Case for Pro Bono Representation in Immigration Proceedings

by Mekela Goehring, with contributions from Phil Barber

Doing Well by Doing Good: Why and How One Big Law Firm Values Pro Bono

by Heather Carson Perkins and Candace Whitaker

Demystifying Pro Bono Ethical Concerns

by Alison Daniels and Troy Rackham

Five of the Greatest - Outstanding Lawyers in Colorado History

Five of the Greatest - Outstanding Lawyers in Colorado History


Which Deed Should I Use?

by Eben P. Clark

Mitigating Potential Condo Conversion and Renovation Construction Defect Liabilities: Part 1

by Ronald M. Sandgrund, Leslie A. Tuft, and Jennifer A. Seidman

2019 Legislative Session Review

by Jeremy Schupbach

Mitigating Potential Condo Conversion and Renovation Construction Defect Liabilities: Part 2

by Ronald M. Sandgrund, Leslie A. Tuft, and Jennifer A. Seidman

Medical–Legal Partnerships

by John Kezer and Jessica Pekala

The Colorado Uniform Trust Code

by Constance Tromble Eyster and Carl G. Stevens

What's in a Domain Name? Famous Names and the UDRP

by Leigh Augustine and Zach Warkentin

Is the Irrevocable Trust Really Irrevocable?

by Peggy K. Gardner and Morgan Wiener

2018 Legislative Session Review

by Jeremy Schupbach

Mediating Highly Emotional Cases

by Joe Epstein and Julie M. Williamson

Powers of Appointment Primer—Part 2: Taxation of Powers of Appointment

by Griffin Bridgers, Susan L. Boothby, and Lisa C. Willcox

Helpful Ethics Opinions for Trust and Estate and Elder Law Practitioners

by Gerard (“G.”) Deffenbaugh and David W. Kirch

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Affects Divorce

by Suzanne Griffiths, Boris Sobolev,
and Christopher Griffiths

The New 20% Pass-Through Tax Deduction

by Ronald Koch and Michael Dimanna

Powers of Appointment Primer—Part 1: The Colorado Uniform Powers of Appointment Act

by Susan L. Boothby, Lisa C. Willcox, and Griffin Bridgers

The Marijuana Industry after Crouse

by Joel S. Neckers and Joel M. Pratt

Does the Experimental Use Exception in Patent Law Have a Future?

by Kris J. Kostolansky and Daniel Salgado

The Ethics of Contacting Witnesses

by Joseph G. Michaels

Ethical Duties of an Insurance Defense Lawyer

by Troy R. Rackham and Heather W. Whitman

House Bill 17-1279: New Prerequisites to Homeowner Association Construction Defect Lawsuits 

by Ronald M. Sandgrund, Jennifer A. Seidman, and Leslie A. Tuft

Colorado Election Law Update

by Christopher Jackson

2017 Legislative Session Review

by Jeremy Schupbach

Around the Bar

Anthony van Westrum

by Bob Keatinge and Bill Callison

Jon Nicholls: Representing the Unrepresented

by Rocco Dodson and Jerremy Ramp

CBA YLD Chair Joi Kush

by Brendan Baker

John A. Love (1916–2002): One of the Greatest

by Rebecca Kourlis and Stacy Kourlis Guillon