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An Associate member of the CBA is defined as a non-lawyer who, under the supervision of a practicing attorney, is directly involved in assisting that attorney and/or other attorneys on a day-to-day basis with the delivery of legal services.  Associate members include Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Law Office Administrators, and Legal Secretaries. Court Personnel, Law Librarians and Bar Association Staff are also eligible. All Associate members are required to have one of their supervising attorneys, who must also be a current CBA member, sponsor their annual renewal.  Associate members have the right to belong to sections, but may not vote or hold office.  Associate members pay dues as fixed by the Board of Governors.

Associate members may join local bar assciations; however, it is not a requirement.  The application below is structured to choose the Denver Bar Association as your local bar association.  If you do not wish to join a local bar cross out that line.  If you wish to join a different local bar association, please contact the CBA Membership Department at (303) 860-1115 and request a different Associate Membership Application. 

CBA/DBA Associate Membership Application