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2014 COBALT Application



COBALT is an interactive leadership training program designed specifically for lawyers with demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to the legal profession and their communities.

Each year’s class is comprised of 20 CBA members of varying ages and experience levels. COBALT meets once a month, during January through June, in different Colorado communities. Each COBALT session focuses on specific aspects of leadership. The program is designed to tap into each participant’s potential, teach and develop leadership skills, and address many of the challenges they will face in their roles as lawyers and community leaders. The sessions are taught by a distinguished faculty comprised of recognized community, legal, and professional leaders.

COBALT also creates a venue where the leaders of communities throughout the state of Colorado can learn from each other and develop personal and professional relationships.

The mission of COBALT is to enhance, promote, and inspire the leadership of the legal profession. COBALT brings together lawyers from different practice areas   with a variety of experiences from across Colorado. These lawyers are acknowledged leaders of the profession and their  communities. COBALT builds  on their leadership skills and promotes new leadership experiences by:
  • Teaching accepted and recognized leadership skills and philosophies
  • Fostering professional relationships within the Colorado legal profession and the greater community
  • Promoting professional ethics and community service
  • Raising awareness among lawyers of the broad range of issues and challenges facing the legal profession and the system of justice

What Peaople are Saying About COBALT

“Lawyers are often called upon and looked to for leadership
but rarely does anyone take the time to be prepared for
leadership. I think COBALT is a great opportunity for
lawyers to think about how they can be and want to be
leaders in o ur legal and local community.”
— D. Rico Munn, Esq., Executive Director,
Colorado Department of Higher Education


“COBALT enabled me to learn about civic virtue from rising
leaders in our legal community. These lessons have served
me well during my subsequent tenure as a Denver District
Court judge.”
— Judge William W. Hood III,
2007 COBALT Graduate

“In these times, we felt a need to create an ongoing
program to encourage lawyers of all ages and backgrounds
to assume leadership roles in the Bar and in the broader
community. The quality of the COBALT class, program, and
faculty is a c ontinuing source of pleasure to me.”
— Roger Clark, Esq.,
CBA President, 2005-2006


“COBALT was one of the best experiences that I have had. It not only enriches the professional aspects of your life, but it reminds you that leadership opportunities exist far beyond the four walls of an office or the courtroom.”

— Meredith Patrick Cord, Esq., 2009 COBALT graduate

SELECTION PROCESS: Nominations, including self-nominations, are sought in July; applications are sent out in August; and class members are notified of their selection in October. Applicants are encouraged to contact members of the current Executive Committee or Program Committee or past participants of the program with questions about their personal experiences. Links to the contact information for the Executive and Program Committees and prior class members can be found at

Each participant must commit to attending and participating in each of the six monthly sessions and in the class community service project.

Tuition covers lodging for the travel programs, session meals, and materials. Class members are responsible for transportation, extra reading materials, incidentals, etc. Tuition scholarships are available.


“COBALT has been an excellent compliment to our firm’s
efforts to develop the next generation of leaders, not only for our law firm but also for our community. The leadership program has provided our attorneys with the opportunity to focus on leadership and build upon their leadership skills,
while allowing them to make valuable connections with attorneys throughout the state of Colorado. Each of our participants has returned with exciting ideas, enthusiasm, and a stronger commitment to lead our firm now and in the future . ”

— Fred Baumann, Managing Partner,
Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons, LLP


COBALT Graduates



Ilene Bloom
Lauren Bynum
Mindi Conerly
Kato Crews
Jack Donley
John Duval
Constance Eyster
Charles Garcia
Valeria Garcia
Richard Gast
William Hood III
Marian Lee
Becky McFarland
Neeti Pawar

Jennifer Rice
Timothy Schutz
David Stevens
Kara Veitch
Jennifer Wascak


Musu Brooks
Cindy Dang
Alison Daniels
Yolanda Fennick
Michelle Ferguson
Steven Fieldman
Rebecca Franciscus

Jennifer Gormley
Eric Hall
Brenda Jackson
Dennis Kaw
Karl Kumli III
Randall Lococo
Patrick O’Rourke

Kimberly Schutt
Lynaia South Orr
Charles Willman
Constance Wood
Joshua Zugish


Aaron Bradford
Laranne Breagy
Ingrid Briant
Cynthia Ciancio
Jennifer Collins
Meredith Cord
Mechelle Faulk
Denise Hoffman
Jennifer Hunt
Kathryn Lonowski
David Pacheco
Mary Schwebach
Jeremy Scott
Nan Scranton
Kathryn Sellars
Constance Smith
Michael Stiff
Mariana Vielma
Grant Wylie


Loren Brown
Katherine Burke
Jaclyn Casey
Sarah Clark
Jason Cobb
Benjamin Currier
Mychael Dave
Ericka Englert
James Garts III
Paul Hurcomb
Jessica Muzzio
Melissa Ogburn
Amy Ondos
Kristine Poston
Siddhartha Rathod
Meshach Rhoades

A Project of the Colorado Bar Association

For information, call Dana J. Collier Smith
Colorado Bar Association (303) 860-1115
In Colorado (800) 332-6736