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Internet Links

Internet Links

Michael M. Schmidt, Esquire
Stromberg, Cleveland, Crawford & Schmidt, P.C.
Denver, Colorado

Provided herein is a listing of approximately 85 Internet/World Wide Web sites that may provide the health care lawyer with valuable resources for his or her health care law practice. Subject areas are arranged alphabetically.

This list is by no means exhaustive and inclusion does not signify endorsement by the ABA, the Health Law Section, or the author. Also, please note that the World Wide Web is an organic being and changes to sites, their addresses or their existence may have occurred between the time the site was viewed and the date of its publication in The Health Lawyer. If you have a favorite site, send it to Jill Pena at and we'll update this feature in a future issue of The Health Lawyer.

Court Decisions 
Need to get a copy of a recent federal court decision?

Federal Courts on the Web

Want to review decisions, briefs or transcripts of proceedings before the U.S. Supreme Court?

U.S. Supreme Court

Government Health Statistics 
Need some statistics on health care for a speech or proposal?

Census Bureau

Centers for Disease Control

General Accounting Office

National Center for Health Statistics

Looking for information on billing Medicare Part B program, or the Part B Reference Manual, Specialty Billing Guides and Publication Library?

Medicare Carrier's Manual

Want to search and print the Medicare Carrier's Manual?


Patient and Consumer Information

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

BandAides and Blackboards (Joan Fleitas, RN., Ed.D web page)

Children's Hospital of Iowa Virtual Children's Hospital

The HMO Page

Dr. Koop's Web Page

Medicare Information

Medicare Rights

National Coalition on Health Care

Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Physician Information 
Need to know if a physician has been sanctioned by the OIG?

Dept. of Health & Human Services Office

Want to know if a contractor or provider has been debarred?

List of Parties Excluded from Federal and Non-procurement Programs

Looking for the special specialist?

Administrators in Medicine

American Board of Medical Specialties


Search Engines and Portals

Database of Charitable Organizations (includes IRS Form 990 Information)

Doctor's Guide

General Services Administration - Fedlaw


Hieros Gamos Guide to Law and Government



Medical Matrix

Patient's Guide


St. Louis University School of Law 

Statutes and Regulations

Want to locate and print any federal statute?

United States Code 

Need a copy of the federal budget or a copy of a new HCFA proposed regulation?

US Government Information Publications 

Federal Register 

Federal Register Table of Contents 

Code of Federal Regulations 

Want to know where a health care bill is in the Congress? Try these sites:

Federal Legislation (Thomas Legislation Information)

Federal Law - Links to federal statutes and regulations and state laws 

Trade Associations 
Excellent web sites with links to scientific journals, news and other medical sites.

American Association of Health Plans

American Bar Association 

American Bar Association - Health Law Section 

American Health Care Association

American Health Lawyers Association

American Hospital Association

American Medical Association

American Public Health Association

American Psychiatric Association

Association of American Medical Colleges

Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Health Insurance Association of America

Healthcare Financial Management Association

Home Care Online

Medical Group Management Association

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

National Commission for Quality Assurance

U.S. Government Sites

Want to know what physician or hospital combinations have been reviewed and approved? 
Check out these FTC and Department of Justice sites:

FTC Bureau of Competition Advisory Opinions

Department of Justice Business Review Letters

Need some data on health issues or statistics on the role of primary care providers, quality of care improvement or women's health issues?

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research

Want copies of worldwide advance reports and articles on emerging infectious diseases? Need general health information or statistical information?

CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Looking for an excellent starting point to search many health-oriented federal agencies?

DHHS: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Need to review what the U.S. Department of Justice's position is on an issue?

Need information on foods, medical devices, human or animal drugs?

Food and Drug Administration

Looking for IRS information and 1999 Work Plan?

Want to print a copy of all OIG Fraud Alerts?

HHS Office of Inspector General

Need answers to cancer questions?

National Cancer Institute

Need to beef up a health-related report or grant proposal?

National Center for Health Statistics

Looking for diabetes information or an NEI trials database?

National Eye Institute

Need information on cancer or AIDS? Seeking a federal grant?

NIH: National Institutes of Health

Excellent listing of studies, informational and research programs.

NLM: National Library of Medicine

Need charts or statistics on crime, demographics, education and health?

Whitehouse Social Statistics Briefing Room

Want to review the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Working Group Issue Paper on External Reviews?

Michael Schmidt is a shareholder of the Denver law firm of Yu Stromberg Cleveland, P.C., where he represents physicians, physician groups, networks and IPAs, hospitals, and other health care providers. Mr. Schmidt received his business and law degrees from The Ohio State University, and has represented health care clients for 16 years.