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October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013
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How to Secure Your Wireless Network
Susan Borgos
Tuesday, Oct. 22
Noon–12:30 p.m.
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GPSolo Magazine

Published by the ABA Solo, Small Firm, and General Practice Division. GPSolo is devoted to themes of critical importance to your practice.

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Mobile Practice Management Webinar
by Clio
Tuesday, Oct. 22
Noon–1 p.m.
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Product Reviews

Legal-Tech Announcement Kick-off: Smart Phones, Smart Watches, Tablets, and more

podcast with Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, posted on Legal Talk Network
On this edition of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell will review some of the newly released technology, talk about what will work best for lawyers, and what we should expect to see in the upcoming releases. In the second half of the show your hosts will honor the 15th anniversary of CaseMap, a LexisNexis case-management software made specifically for litigators. Listen to the podcast.

So Far, Smart Watches Are Pretty Dumb

by Rachel Metz, posted on Legal Talk Network
In theory, smart watches offer a smoother, more natural way of checking information than pulling out a smartphone. The act of glancing at your watch is a commonly accepted social custom, and it’s intriguing that an old form factor could come back to prominence. It’s just that now we want to see more at a glance than simply the time. Read more.

Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

by Jeff Richardson, posted on iPhone J.D.
Sure enough, when iOS 7 came out last month, one of the included features was the ability to update apps automatically. Just goes to show you that some things can get accomplished in Congress. Read more.


Migrating to Cloud Practice Management Apps

by Benjamin K. Sanchez and Wells H. Anderson, posted on GPSolo
This article focuses on cloud practice management services, which let us use software-as-a-service to manage our legal practice—from calendaring, contacts, and matters to documents, e-mails, tasks, and billing. What is CPM, how does it work, how do we get there, and how do we keep it secure? In the article that follows and in an extensive comparison spreadsheet, we offer advice, information, and perspectives on CPM and its major features. Read more.


The Stuff of IT Nightmares

by Angela Hunt, posted on MIT Technology Review
In a survey, information technology leaders reflect on what they need to reduce their vulnerability to cyberattack. Read more.


Ignite Your Law Firm Marketing: Avvo Introduces New CRM Suite

by Heidi Alexander, posted on the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program Blog
In November 2012, Avvo, primarily known for its lawyer profile and rating service, launched a new tool to help streamline and maximize the use of online marketing platforms by law firms. The product, Avvo Ignite Suite, is a robust client conversion solution. It goes far beyond what a free Google Analytics account can do for your law firm. Read more.

Does Your Law Firm Website Attract The Right Clients?

by Allison C. Shields, posted on the Legal Ease Blog
I was privileged to be a part of a discussion among a group of solo and small firm lawyers in varying practice areas recently about their online marketing initiatives: what their online marketing experience consisted of, what worked and what didn’t work, etc. Read more.


Things You Didn’t Learn in Law School: Billing

by Nicole Black, posted on MyCase
Billing—it’s the bane of every lawyer’s existence. Whether it’s capturing billable hours, explaining and justifying fees to clients, or trying to collect fees from non-paying clients—it’s never “fun.” Then again, we all knew when we entered law school that practicing law wasn’t all fun and games. Read more.

Time Management

Smart Lawyers Take Microbreaks

by David King Keller, posted on Attorney at Work
Scientific studies show that taking a 30-second microbreak periodically during the day can reduce stress and increase productivity. One microbreak technique, in 30 seconds, will cause you to be more centered (C), aware (A) and resourceful (R). The technique involves pressing your thumb against your little finger, as if pressing a button—hence its nickname, the “CAR Button.” Read more.