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July 15, 2015

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William C. Groh, III
Tuesday, Sept. 22
Noon–12:30 p.m.

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Introducing the CBA’s IMPROVED Online Find A Lawyer Directory

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Another benefit of membership—the CBA’s online Find A Lawyer Directory is now mobilized and responsive to any device type, making it easy for potential clients to access and search. Advanced search options enable people to find you by section, committee, or local bar membership, as well as geographical or practice area, and whether or not you accept alternative fee arrangements*.

All CBA members receive a free premium listing until Sept. 1, 2016. Once the trial expires, premium listings will be available for purchase by CBA members only. Premium listings include fields of practice, biography, education, languages spoken, local bar plus CBA section and committee memberships, and many more ways for people to search and find you. Your basic CBA member listing information has been automatically transferred from the print edition of the 2015 Colorado Legal Directory, but to take advantage of your free premium enhancements, you must update the information by logging into the directory and select the “Update My Find a Lawyer Listing” option on your member dashboard. Click here for more information about updating and enhancing your listing.

If you would like to reference your listing from the previous version of Find A Lawyer, sign into the CBA’s website, click on the “My Cobar” tab on the top right, and choose “Access your old Find A Lawyer listing,” where you are able to copy and paste the information into your new listing.

*The alternative fee arrangement check box provides a way the public can sort for lawyers who provide “alternative fee arrangements,” such as limited scope representation(unbundling) [as set forth in Colo. Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.2], flat fee, sliding scale, use of credit cards, payment plans, etc. One resource for ethical considerations, rules, and cases regarding fee arrangements is the Colorado Bar Association’s “Successful Business Planning: Representing the Moderate Income Client” found here.

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Quick Tips
Product Reviews

Five Things Deborah Savadra Thinks You Should Know About Microsoft Office

Podcast with Deborah Savadra, the Lawyerist
Deborah Savadra specializes in making Microsoft Office do what lawyers need it to do, and in the following podcast Savadra identifies the five things she thinks lawyers ought to know about Microsoft Office and explains why. But first, Lawyerist bloggers try to figure out to what lengths lawyers will go to avoid turning in their timesheets. Read more.

Technology Bargains When Starting a New Practice

Chelsey Lambert, GPSolo
From personal experience I can tell you: Save your money. I treated my first business like a first-born child, wrapped in organic bamboo diapers, drinking coconut water—blended formula. And, guess what? We didn’t even make it to kindergarten. Read more.

VPNs to Avoid Until they Plug Their Leaks

Lisa Needham, the Lawyerist
Virtual private networks (VPNs) function in a few different ways, but at root they are supposed to do one thing, and do it well: create a private tunnel for you to treat that coffee shop wi-fi like your very own and access client files with abandon knowing that they are secure. Read more.


Does Social Media Do Any Good At All In Marketing?

Jeff Bennion, Above the Law
I’m asking the question, “Does it do any good at all?” I’m asking because I don’t know, and I’ve heard a lot of marketing gurus say it does, but all of my common sense tells me that it does not. Read more.

Grow Your Practice with Hashtags

Jacob Sapochnick, Enchanting Lawyer
There is an old expression that states we were given two ears but just one mouth for a reason. The implications are we should listen more than we speak. Today I want to take that old bit of wisdom and apply it to social media. Read more.

Using Social Media to Market Your Solo Practice

Podcast with Adriana Linares, Jason Marsh and C. Todd Smith, Legal Talk Network
Adriana Linares and Jason Marsh interview C. Todd Smith, a small firm lawyer who has used various forms of social media for marketing his practice. Jason Marsh, an online marketing specialist for small businesses and law firms, also gives his insight into the importance of social media. Read more.

5 Online Reputation Management Tips For Lawyers

We all know that it’s important for lawyers to have an online presence. The Internet has effectively replaced the Yellow Pages and there’s no going back. That’s why many astute lawyers have taken the time to carefully craft their online face, with an eye toward showcasing their legal skills and knowledge. Read more.


What to Say When He Asks About Your Price

Lee Rosen, Divorce Discourse
“I really like you, but I can get it done for less by the other lawyer I met, and money is really tight, so I should probably use him,” he said. He’s right if price is the only issue. Is it the only issue? Read more.

The Best Pricing Advice I Ever Received

Jordon Furlong, Attorney at Work
So it was the summer of 1983, and I had reached that particular stage of adolescence when your parents have finally managed, after a long succession of hints, to get across the idea that this would be a good time to secure gainful summer employment. Read more.

Human Resources

Outsourcing Work to a Virtual Paralegal or Legal Assistant Can Help Your Solo Law Firm Thrive

Melanie Fischer, Solo in Colo
As a solo attorney, having more work than you are able to handle on your own can be a nice predicament. Even though your workload is causing you to stay up until all hours of the night, it can be much more gratifying to be overworked rather than under worked. But if you’ve reached a point where you cannot get your work done in a timely fashion, and if you find you are not meeting important deadlines, it may be time to consider hiring a virtual paralegal or legal assistant. Read more.

What Tasks Can Most Answering Services Handle?

John E. Harding, Family Law Lawyer Tech & Practice
An answering service is like an outsourced receptionist. You route your phone number to a call center where receptionists answer calls like a member of your business. They can forward the call to you or one of your employees, take messages and even answer some questions about your business, like your location and office hours. Read more.


How to Avoid a (Less than) Spectacular Burnout in Your Law Practice

Shawn Healy, GPSolo
What is one of the most common desires most people have for their career? Even above making the big bucks, it’s having a rewarding job that they enjoy and finding their work meaningful and significant. And what is certain to block the achievement of this goal? The dreaded burnout. Read more.

Quitting Someone Else’s Dream

Jeena Cho, the Lawyerist
Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a prosecutor. I graduated from law school and achieved my lifelong dream by becoming an assistant state’s attorney (ASA). I remember the momentary high of doing the thing I worked so hard to become followed very quickly by a deep knowing that this job wasn’t right for me. I’d feel sick to my stomach every Sunday evening and lived for Friday afternoons. Yet, I stuck with it because that’s what the Chos do—if something doesn’t work, try harder. Read more.


Not Just for Solos: Seven Startup Tips

Russell Adler, Attorney at Work
In a few months, I will celebrate my third anniversary as a solo practitioner. Without question, this experience has been the most rewarding of my nearly 16 years practicing labor and employment law. In reflecting on this arbitrary milestone, I realize that I’ve amassed a few nuggets of useful information to share with others who are thinking about taking the leap to their own solo practice. Here are seven tidbits I hope you find useful. Read more.

Office Space Options for a Solo Attorney

Melanie Fischer, Solo in Colo
Every solo attorney needs a designated space to complete work and meet with clients. But there is nothing that says a solo attorney can’t work from home, a shared office, a room in a public library, or any location that serves the needs of the law office. Read more.