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Associate Membership & Application

In 1987, the Board of Governors of the Colorado Bar Association established the Associate membership category. Several local bar associations offer Associate memberships including: Adams, Arapahoe, Aurora, Boulder, Continental Divide, Delta, Denver, Douglas/Elbert, 1st Judicial, and Weld County Bar Associations. In 1997, the Board of Governors approved the following administrative guidelines for obtaining associate membership in the CBA.


An Associate Member of the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) is defined as a non-lawyer whose primary occupation is directly involved in assisting attorneys on a regular basis in the delivery of legal services. Associate Members include Paralegals; Legal Assistants; Law Office Administrators; Law Librarians, Legal Secretaries; Court Personnel, Law Clerk,  and Bar Association Staff. All Associate Members are required to have an attorney member sponsor their annual renewal and certify that the non-lawyer is directly involved in assisting attorneys on a regular basis. Associate members enjoy all CBA rights and privileges, except the right to vote or to hold office. Associate Members will pay dues as fixed by the Board of Governors.



An associate member is a qualifying individual who has never been licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction. An attorney member of the CBA must sponsor all Associate Memberships.

Rights and Privileges*

Associate Members are entitled to use the benefit programs provided by CBA endorsed vendors and discount providers. Associate members will have the right to belong to Sections, but will not share the right to vote or hold office.

Associate Members are not eligible for Dues Assistance and will pay dues as fixed by the Board of Governors.

Associate Members are permitted to identify their CBA membership on office correspondence including letterhead, business cards, and resumes. It must read as follows: Associate Member – (Paralegal or Legal Assistant; Law Office Administrator or Legal Secretary; Court Personnel or Bar Association Staff). In the event that Associate Members misrepresent themselves as attorneys, their memberships will immediately be revoked for a period of one (1) year. The Associate Member may reapply for consideration. There will be no membership refunds.

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*Membership in the Colorado Bar Association is not conditioned on health status of any individual, including an employee of an employer or a dependent of an employee. Furthermore, health insurance coverage offered through the Colorado Bar Association is available to all members regardless of any health status-related factor. Health insurance coverage is only available to member of the Colorado Bar Association.