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To address the issue of notarizing and executing legal documents during this time of social distancing, on Friday, Governor Polis issued Executive Order D 2020 019, suspending the personal appearance requirement for notarizations.   On Monday, the Secretary of State issued emergency, temporary rule 8 CCR 1505-11.  Both were effective upon execution. 

The CBA encourages our members to review their malpractice insurance coverage with their carriers and consider whether any of remote notarization, if performed remotely or electronically, would limit or invalidate your coverage on a particular matter.


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  • Colorado Crisis Services 1-844-493-8255 or text “TALK” to 38255
  • Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP)
    If you are feeling overwhelmed, and you are a lawyer, judge, or law student, the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program provides confidential assistance for any career challenge that interferes with the ability to be a productive member of the legal community. COLAP provides support for a wide variety of personal and professional issues such as: anxiety, depression, alcohol or substance use, stress/anger management, practice management, work/life balance, and relationship issues; referrals for counseling, therapy, and support groups such as CLHL; assistance with interventions; voluntary monitoring programs; supportive relationships with peer volunteers; and educational programs. COLAP is confidential and as such is exempt from reporting to the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. The Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program can be reached at 303-986-3345 Please visit COLAP’s website at
  • Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers (CLHL)
    Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers is a lawyer-to-lawyer program supported by the CBA and is available to all lawyers, judges, law school students, and graduates. The focus of CLHL is on helping those who are experiencing alcohol, substance abuse, and mental health issues. This is achieved through confidential peer support, education, referral, and outreach. The peer support program offered through CLHL does not provide treatment or evaluation services. Rather, CLHL provides peer support groups in Denver and a statewide “virtual” telephone support group. All groups preserve the confidentiality of participants. In addition, three attorneys are available for direct phone contact to discuss individual's personal issue and strategies for dealing with those problems. These calls are not for emergencies — for those, people should contact 911. For a list of CLHL’s meeting times and locations, click here.
  • The Waterman Fund
    The Waterman Fund provides financial assistance to Colorado lawyers who have practiced law in Colorado for at least 10 years, and are "…aged, infirm or otherwise incapacitated [and are] in good repute and standing." An Application can be downloaded from the Waterman Fund page . All information about applicants and awards are confidential. Please direct your questions or a completed Application to Lori Krupske at 303-824-5331 or
  • Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel — All Concern Encouraged (SOLACE)
    SOLACE is a program of the Colorado Bar Association designed to assist those in the legal community (judges, lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and legal administrators) in Colorado who have experienced some significant, potentially life-changing event in their lives. The sole purpose of the SOLACE program is to allow the legal community to reach out in meaningful and compassionate ways to judges, lawyers, court personnel, paralegals, legal secretaries and their families who experience deaths or other catastrophic illnesses, sickness or injury. 


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The Colorado Bar Association is here to help. As information is changing by the minute, the Colorado Bar Association is collecting resources to keep members informed. If you have questions or comments, please email

Please be advised that this web site,, will be down for maintenance on Friday, March 27th, at 11 AM for approximately 4 hours. All services that users access through, including submission of completed CLE and attorney status searches, will be unavailable during that time. All other Office services should continue to be available during that time.