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Thursday, June 22
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2018 COBALT Class Nominations Due July 15
COBALT is the CBA’s interactive leadership training program designed specifically for lawyers with demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to the legal community. 20 practicing lawyers from around the state — with various levels of experience and different specialties — will join this popular and prominent 6-month leadership program this fall. Nominate a colleague today!
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Tech Tuesdays Webinar: WordRake — June 27 from 12 to 12:30 p.m.
This free webinar will show you how WordRake software (a CBA Perks Provider) instantly edits briefs, contracts, letters, and memoranda for clearer, more concise writing, saving you time and money.
PMBP*: What It Is and Why You Should Care — July 19 from 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.
*Proactive Management-Based Program: Self-Regulation and the Modern Law Practice. PMBP is designed to help Colorado lawyers better serve their clients and simplify their professional lives. Each component of the program identifies the common risks when practicing law and provides guidance on effective management systems to address those risks.
The Modern Law Practice Initiative is bringing its Toolkit alive! Join us for a monthly gathering to discuss the CBA’s FREE step-by-step guide on how to build a modern law practice. While each month will begin with a focus on a particular chapter of the Toolkit (this month’s focus — chapter 3), the discussion will be open to general questions as well. The book club meets the last Thursday of each month at the CBA.
Casemaker Training Video
Did you know CBA members have free access to Casemaker’s broad and comprehensive libraries, as well as its Premium services, which include Casecheck+, CiteCheck and Casemaker Digest? Become an expert user with this 90 minute training video available at any time to CBA members.
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Brief Survey of Mediation Preferences
The CBA is assisting the Colorado Judicial Institute and the Office of Dispute Resolution of the State Court Administrator’s Office to survey our members’ preferences in the use of court-ordered mediation. The results will help direct the drafting of a Mediation Best Practices Guide for Use in the Colorado Courts. Please complete the survey by June 30.
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Colorado Jury Instructions for Civil Trials — 2017 Edition
The hard copy book comes with a PDF e-Book and Microsoft Word files. This is an important resource for Colorado civil litigators that saves you from having to retype instructions.
More Information
Corrections: Colorado Legal Directory
Please note that all of the numbers for the 1st JD should read 720-772-XXXX (not 720-722-XXXX). We apologize for the confusion.

From the Legal Connection and Solo in Colorado

CJD 16-02 Regarding Office of Respondent Parents’ Counsel Amended by Colorado Supreme Court
On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, the Colorado State Judicial Branch announced amendments to CJD 16-02, “Court Appointments Through the Office of Respondent Parents’ Counsel.” The changes include minor additions and changes to various sections.
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Casemaker Tips and Tricks
This month’s list of tips and tricks for making your research with Casemaker that much more efficient. Check out this post from our Solo in Colo blog.
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From the Courts and the Legal Community

Support the Legal Aid Foundation
Stand up for justice with a donation to Legal Aid by June 30. If Congress approves the proposed elimination of federal funding for legal aid, more low-income Coloradans will face a complicated legal system without an attorney. Your tax deductible gift will help assure justice remains available for all.

Optimize Your Membership

See Your Photo on the Cover of The Colorado Lawyer
The Colorado Lawyer is looking for photos of Colorado landscapes, buildings, landmarks and animals to use on the cover of an upcoming issue. Please send your high-resolution, vertical oriented photo to Kate Schuster.
From The Lending Library: The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice — 5th Edition
Whether you’re just starting out or want to build up your document library, this proven system is a winning strategy for your family law practice. This complete divorce practice system can easily be customized to fit your jurisdiction and the way you handle cases, providing over 500 documents to efficiently take clients through every step of the divorce practice. This book is easy to use. It is arranged in the natural order of the divorce experience. Starting with clients, it follows through with the interview, proceeds through discovery, negotiations, mediation, trial and ends with prenuptial agreements.
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Tip of the Week: Outlook — Use Word’s Autocorrect to Cut Down on Typos and Keystrokes
When typing documents, I often find that I have to repeatedly type words which are lengthy and prone to errors. I also find that I frequently insert certain phrases over and over. So I enlisted the spellchecker to allow me to use abbreviations.
In Word, open a new document and type an abbreviation, for example, “ptf.” Click on the Review tab, then on Spelling and Grammar (on the far left). This brings up the correction screen. Now click on the “Options” button, which pops up the Word Options screen. Click on “Proofing.” At the top of the next screen is a button labeled “Autocorrect Options.” Click on it, and you will see the option to “replace text as you type,” with your “ptf” shown in the left window and (hopefully) nothing in the right window.
Proceed by typing “plaintiff” in the right window. If you see “Replace,” Word is telling you that a correction for “ptf” already exists, but you have the option to change it. If you see “Add,” go ahead and add this abbreviation. You can add multiple abbreviations, and not just single words, you can add phrases. So “dfd” would become “defendant” and “msj” would become “motion for summary judgment.”
When you are done, click OK twice to go back to your document. Now type “The ptf emailed the msj to the dfd.” This magically will change to “The plaintiff emailed the motion for summary judgment to the defendant”, as you type. 34 characters versus 70, and the more abbreviations you use, the more you save. The main time savings for me do not come from typing fewer characters, but rather from not having to keep backing up and correcting typos in long words and phrases.
This tip was submitted by CBA member Michael Reilly, Independent Arbitrator, Attorney at Law and Registered Patent Attorney. Feel free to contact LPM Department Director Reba Nance with questions.
COLAP’s Tip of the Week

Gratitude: Another Gateway to Wellness
Feeling and expressing gratitude are easy ways to increase wellbeing and to improve relationships. Click here to find out how simple gratitude practices can also improve your mood and your health!
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