CBA Officers and Executive Council



 Dick Gast, Fort Collins 

Next Meeting: Aug 1

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John M. Vaught, Denver

Immediate Past President

Patricia M. Jarzobski, Denver

Vice Presidents

1st Region VP, Emma E. Garrison
2nd Region VP, Katherine E. Gregg
3rd Region VP, Todd A. Stahly
4th Region VP, Cobea E. Becker
5th Region VP, Amy M. Goscha
6th Region VP, Hon. Lance P. Timbreza
7th Region VP, Courtney A. Holm


Mary Jo Gross, Denver

Council Members

Steven J. Hahn, Section Representative
Franz Hardy, DBA President
April D. Jones, At Large Member
Casey C. Kannenberg, CBA YLD Chair
Bryon M. Large, Diversity Bar Representative
Tyler C. Murray, Section Representative
Bonnie M. Schriner, Section Representative
Daniel A. Sweetser, At Large Member
Mario Trimble, At Large Member
Alison Zinn, At Large Member

Executive Director

Patrick M. Flaherty, Denver