Business Law Section Executive Council 2018-19

Executive Council 

Chair: Todd Olinger
Vice Chair: Nicole Black
Secretary: Matt Faga
Treasurer: Mark Larson
Immediate Past Chair: Andrew Johnson
Board of Governor’s Liaison: Sarah Steinbeck Adelson
Legislative Liaison: Steve Mulligan

Elizabeth Akalin, Staff Liaison 

Subsection and Committee Chairs

Antitrust & Consumer Protection 
Timothy Zimmerman, Castle Pines

Bankruptcy Subsection
Matthew T. Faga, Denver
Tim Swanson

Business Law Article Editors
David Steigerwald, Colorado Springs
Curt Todd, Denver (Bankruptcy)

E-Commerce Law Subsection
Elizabeth Lewis, Denver

Financial Institutions Subsection
Holly Shilliday, Centennial

Franchise Law Subsection
Laura E. Liss, Denver

International Transactions Subsection
Steve Suneson, Denver
Tyler R. Rauert, Arvada

Legislative Drafting Committee

Mergers & Acquisitions Subsection
Darren Hensley, Denver

New Lawyers Subsection
Otto Hanson, Boulder
Rainer Scarton, Superior

Newsletter Editor
Edwin A. Naylor, Denver

Nonprofit Entities Subsection
Heidi S. Glance, Denver

Privately Held Businesses Subsection
John DeBruyn, Denver
Henry L. Smith, Jr., Highlands Ranch

Secretary of State Liaison
Mike Hardin, Denver

Securities Subsection
Lucas T. Ritchie, Denver
Tobin D. Kern, Denver

Tax Law Section Liaison
Trevor Crow, Denver

Trust and Estate Section Liaison
John W. DeBryun, Denver