Nominating Committee


The 2017/2018 CBA Committee Chair: Charles Garcia

CBA Staff Liaison: Melissa Nicoletti.


Committee Members:

1st District: Marci Fulton
2nd District: Helen Hoops
3rd District: Karl Kumli
4th District: Christi Zamarippa
5th District: Virginia Koultchitzka
6th District:
7th District: Christopher Bryan 

CBA YLD Representative: Casey Kannenberg
CBA President: Patricia Jarzobski
Section Representative: Ted Tow
President Elect: Dick Gast
2 At Large from President: Sara Chase-McRorie, Arnulfo Hernandez

Request for CBA Nominations

To:       CBA Board of Governors, Local Bar Association Presidents, Minority & Specialty Bar Association Presidents, CBA Committee Chairpersons, CBA Section Chairpersons, CBA Staff

 FROM:          Melissa Nicoletti, Director of Sections and Committees

SUBJECT:     Request for CBA Nominations

DATE:            November 15, 2016 

Under the leadership of Mark Fogg, the CBA Nominating Committee will begin shortly to select candidates for 2017-2018 leadership positions.  The committee will choose a president-elect and five vice presidents.


Nominations will be made for the following offices:

President Elect, First District (Denver)

Senior Vice President, First District (Denver)

Vice President, Second District (Arapahoe, Aurora, Douglas-Elbert and First Judicial District, Adams-Broomfield Associations)

Vice President, Third District (Larimer, Thirteenth Judicial District and Weld County Bar, Boulder Associations)

Vice President, Fourth District (Sixteenth Judicial District, Southeastern Colorado and Southern Colorado Bar, Pueblo Associations)

Vice President, Fifth District (Fremont/Custer, Heart of the Rockies and San Luis Valley, El Paso Bar Associations)

Vice President, Sixth District (Four Corners, Mesa, Seventh Judicial District and Southwestern Colorado Bar Associations)

Vice President, Seventh District (Ninth Judicial District, Northwestern Colorado, and Pitkin County, Continental Divide Bar Associations)

The Nominating Committee must report its nominees to the CBA membership on or before February 15, 2017.  Thereafter, additional nominations for any of the above offices may be made by petition of no less than 100 members in good standing, up to and including March 15, 2017.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to contact any members of the Nominating Committee with suggestions for nominations (see enclosed list of Committee members).  Since the Committee will begin its deliberations in the very near future, you are encouraged to submit your suggestions as soon as conveniently possible, but no later than December 31.

Please take a moment to think of potential candidates and list them below.  Individuals should not be hesitant to suggest themselves for any position.  Please return them directly to Melissa Nicoletti at the address listed below.  The Committee, of course, will make the final selection of candidates.

The duties of the president and vice-presidents are set forth in the CBA Bylaws, the Policy and Procedure Manual, and in the REFOCUS 20/20 Plan which reads: “Future officers of the CBA are expected to implement this plan and keep the CBA strategically focused.  The nominating committee is directed to consider these as it nominates officers.”

We sincerely appreciate your past interest and hope either you or someone you know is willing to serve your association in a leadership capacity.

  • TO:      Melissa Nicoletti
               CBA Nominating Committee
               1900 Grant Street, Suite 900
               Denver, CO  80203

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