Call for Leadership 

We invite you to apply for leadership in the Colorado Bar Association! The CBA values its diverse membership and communities. We are committed to selecting leaders who represent all of our members from a wide range of positions, personal histories, identities and geographic representation.


The CBA’s Mission, Values, and Vision Statements demonstrate the CBA’s commitment to ensuring equity, diversity and inclusivity throughout the Association.


The CBA Nominating Committee is currently accepting leadership applications for President-Elect, Senior Vice President, and three Vice President positions for 2022-23.


The President-Elect and Senior Vice President will serve one-year terms. Each Vice President will serve a two-year term.


Applications will be accepted for the following offices:

President-Elect, Region 6 (Four Corners, Mesa County, Seventh Judicial District, and Southwestern Colorado Bar Associations)

Senior Vice President, Region 1 (Denver Bar Association)

Vice President, Region 2 (Adams Broomfield, Arapahoe County, Aurora, Douglas-Elbert County, and First Judicial District Bar Associations)

Vice President, Region 4 (Pueblo, Sixteenth Judicial District, Southeastern Colorado, and Southern Colorado Bar Associations)

Vice President, Region 6 (Four Corners, Mesa County, Seventh Judicial District, and Southwestern Colorado Bar Associations)


The nomination/leadership selection procedures (Section 8.5.) and the duties of the President, President-Elect, Senior Vice President, and Vice-Presidents (Section 7.3.) are set forth in the CBA Bylaws, the Policy and Procedure Manual, and in the REFOCUS 20/20 Plan which reads: “Future officers of the CBA are expected to implement this plan and keep the CBA strategically focused.  The nominating committee is directed to consider this as it nominates officers.”


Eligible applicants for CBA Leadership are:

CBA members in good standing;

Dedicated to upholding the Mission, Values, and Vision Statement of the organization;

Experienced and engaged in areas important to the operation and long-term success of the CBA;

Individuals who possess qualities reflecting integrity, independence, leadership, good judgment, wisdom, curiosity, vision, a proven record of accomplishment, and an ability to work well with others.


The Nominating Committee will review applications and announce to the membership the qualified candidates vying for each position. Following the announcement of the candidates, the Nominating Committee shall solicit confidential comments from CBA members regarding any candidate, making available each candidate’s application.


The Nominating Committee must report its nominees to the CBA membership on or before March 10, 2022. Thereafter, additional nominations for any of the above offices may be made by petition of no less than 100 members in good standing, up to and including April 15, 2022. 


Everyone is invited and encouraged to contact any members of the Nominating Committee with suggestions or questions. To contact the committee, email Jessica Lindzy


Please send a completed application and resume to Jessica Lindzy no later than December 31, 2021. Please refrain from submitting letters of recommendation as they will not be considered after this time.