Anti-Tech Tuesday
Presented by Randell of Future Image Group "FIG"
January 2018

Brief-Lynx Technology Assisted Document Linking
Presented by David Vanderport
September 2017

Presented by Jim Figel and Gary Kinder
June 2017

Presented by Trent Carlyle
May 2017

Ruby® Receptionists
Presented by Diana Stepleton
April 2017

Presented by Bob Christensen

Casemaker Digest
Presented by Samantha Peacoe
February 2017

Metadata: Exposed and Expunged
Presented by Charity Anastasio
Metadata Handout
Metadata PowerPoint
January 2017

Using Excel and Windows Hyperlinks for Document Review
Presented by Bill Groh, Esq. 
October 2016

LawPay - Credit Card Processing
Presented by Janelle Benefield of LawPay
LawPay Handout
LawPay Handout
September 2016 

Indexed I/O's Automated eDiscovery: Just Point, Click, Produce
Presented by Brian McHughs
June 2016

Clio, Cloud-Based Practice Management Software 
Presented by Joshua Lenon, Esq.
May 2016

Rocket Matter
Presented by Rivka Chaya Bushell
April 2016

Windows 10
Presented by Phil Shuey, Edq.
March 2016

Tips For Getting the Most Out of Adobe Acrobat Pro
Presented by Grace Randazzo of Proper Consulting Services, LLC,
February 2016

Moving From a PC to a Mac
Presented by Tomasz Stasiuk. Esq.
February 2016

Office 365 vs. Office 2013, 2013 or the soon-to-be-released 2016? 
Presented by Barb Cashman, Esq.
October 2015

Total Mail Converter Pro
Presented by Bill Groh, Esq.
September 2015

Credenza (the Free Version): Outlook on Steroids for Lawyers
Presented by Susan Traylor
PowerPoint handout
June 2015

SEO Crash Course - How to Rank for Your Number 1 Keyword  
Presented by Natalie Henley, President of Volume 9, Inc. 
PowerPoint handout

Denver Legal Keywords
May 2015

Audio 101 – How to Download Podcasts, Music, Ring Tones, and Other Mysteries -- Answered!
Click here for the handout
April 28, 2015

Microsoft Word - Using Styles
Presented by Leah Peabbles of
January 2015

Cloud Options for Document Back Up, Storing, Remote Access and Collaboration
Presented by Phil J. Shuey, Esq. 
September  2014

Casemaker Premium Services
Presented by Reba Nance
May 2014

How to Boost Your Network with LinkedIn
Presented by Frankie Cervantes of Frankly Communications
March 2014

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Presented by Natalie Henley of Volume 9, Inc.
February 2014

Adobe Acrobat: Beyond PDF Conversion
Presented by Leah Peabbles of DCNC
January 2014