What Our Audiences Say About Us

“I appreciate your commitment to educating all of us about our judicial system – it is certainly important information, and I am inspired to participate more fully” – Adult presentation attendee

“The various judges and lawyers who give classes give us a very deep, a very comprehensive look at the important factors in the law. We get a really good feeling for what are these people like. Who are they as human beings”—Adult presentation attendee

“Your presentation was simply terrific –educational, interesting, and ultimately inspiring. In fact, I heard from several folks in attendance that they’re now interested in becoming more involved in our judicial selection process” —Adult presentation attendee

“Thanks so much for joining us today and making the Our Courts presentation at our firm. Our folks loved it!” —Presentation sponsor

“Thank you for delivering that wonderful Our Courts presentation. It was interesting, informative, and enjoyable”—Adult presentation attendee

“I enjoyed the whole activity because it gives us a hands-on type experience” —HS program attendee

“I enjoyed being able to hear the actual perspectives of people who have been through this process” —HS program attendee

“It was fun, and I learned a lot about the judicial system” —HS program attendee

“What I found most interesting was the one-on-one with the judges and understanding their life stories” —HS program attendee

“I enjoyed the feedback the mentors/judges gave and all the support. It’s definitely a great experience” —HS program attendee

“I loved to meet the justices. It was an amazing experience to go through and so crucial to me as a voter in this year’s election” —HS program attendee