CBA Officers and Executive Council



Jessica Brown

Next Meeting: August 11

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Joi Kush

Immediate Past President

Kathleen Hearn Croshal

Vice Presidents

First Region, Ryann Peyton
Second Region, Adam Hepp
Third Region, Judson Hite
Fourth Region, Kyle Aber
Fifth Region, Keith Vance
Sixth Region, Leslie German
Seventh Region, Leslee Balten


Mary Jo Gross

Council Members

Kevin McReynolds, DBA President
Spencer Rubin, CBA YLD Chair
Zak Robbins, Diversity Bar Representative
Ed Felter, Section Representative
Bonnie Schriner, Section Representative
Robin Rossenfeld, Section Representative
Jon Olafson, At Large Member
Amanda Hopkins, At Large Member
Ian McCargar, At Large Member
Kevin Cheney, At Large Member

Executive Director

Amy Larson