CBA Membership

The CBA—Your Partner in Law

The CBA is your partner in law because we help you and your practice in six key ways.


  • First, we offer networking through our sections and committees. This provides numerous opportunities to connect with attorneys from all fields of practice.

  • Second, we help you stay current in the law with educational programming and materials from our sections and CBA-CLE, as well as with state-of-the-law articles from The Colorado Lawyer monthly publication.

  • Third, we offer practice management assistance. As a member, you have access to free legal research through Casemaker, to the CBA’s ethics hotline, and to practice management information on everything from software to hiring.

  • Fourth, we help improve the practice of law in Colorado by providing volunteer and leadership opportunities and by lobbying in areas affecting attorneys and law practice.

  • Fifth, we offer mentoring opportunities, connecting new and established attorneys and creating lasting relationships.

  • Sixth, we offer a jobs board for attorneys seeking employment.

  • Need another reason? Click here for comprehensive list of our benefits.


To become a CBA member, sign up online, email, call 303-860-1115 or stop by the CBA offices at 1290 Broadway, Ste. 1700, Denver, CO.