CBA Membership

The CBA — Your Partner in Law

The CBA is your partner in law because we help you and your practice in six key ways.

First, we offer networking through our sections and committees. This provides numerous opportunities to connect with attorneys from all fields of practice.

Second, we help you stay current in the law with educational programming and materials from our sections and CBA-CLE, as well as law articles from Colorado Lawyer, the CBA's monthly publication.

Third, we offer practice management assistance. As a member, you have access to free legal research through Casemaker, to the CBA's ethics hotline, and to practice management information on everything from software to hiring.

Fourth, we help improve the practice of law in Colorado by providing volunteer and leadership opportunities and by lobbying in areas affecting attorneys and law practice.

Fifth, we offer mentoring opportunities, connecting new and established attorneys and creating lasting relationships.

Sixth, we offer a jobs board for attorneys seeking employment.


Need another reason? Click here for comprehensive list of our membership perks.

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