Business Entities Subsection

Subsection Chair:
Mark J. Loewenstein
CU School of Law
Campus Box 401
Boulder, CO 80309
Phone:  (303) 492-7102  (303) 492-7102

The Business Entities Subsection has principally been focused on a review of the recently passed business entity legislation with an eye to some technical revisions and corrections. Many of the changes being considered are intended to clarify uncertainties in the statutes and to carry forward the ideas on which Article 90 of Title 7 (the "Colorado Corporations and Associations Act") were based: that where possible without violating an underlying policy, the rules governing each business form should be consistent. With the prodigious amount of business entity legislation over the past two years in the partnership, limited liability company, and nonprofit corporation area, our goal is to correct several inconsistencies among the various statutes.