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The Litigation Section focuses on the interests and problems of trial lawyers and has active programs to promote advocacy training, law reform and professional development. Through publications and seminars, this section provides current information of interest to litigation practitioners. The section sponsors numerous CLE programs during the year. The section periodically publishes a newsletter and maintains subcommittees concerning appellate practices, class action and securities litigation. The section's governing board, Litigation Section Council, serves as a resource to assist CBA and Colorado legislature in analyzing pending legislation and the courts in analyzing proposed rule changes. The council meetings are not open to the public but members of the section can attend if they contact the chair. These are business meetings are not considered networking opportunities. Each year in the spring the council accepts applications for council membership. New members are selected by the current council.

The section programs are designed for all litigators, regardless of experience and firm size and regardless of plaintiff or defense orientation. The section does not have regular membership meetings and encourages its members to join the CBA’s substantive law sections. The Litigation Section is the main sponsor of the statewide high school mock trials completion and assists the CBA in finding team coaches and judges for the regional and state competitions. Section members also get a quarterly newsletter that keeps the members up to date on what has been going on at the council meetings and interesting information from the courts and state judicial. 




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