Solo Small Firm Section Council

The CBA Solo-Small Firm Practice Section Council will meet quarterly during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. These meetings will be held at 12 o'clock noon at the offices of the Colorado Bar Association, 1900 Grant Street, 9th Floor, in downtown Denver.

Conference Call in Instructions

1.  Dial 1-855-392-2520.

2.  Enter in the conference ID:  3551847. As soon as the CBA is online, you will automatically be placed into conference.

3.  To disconnect from the call, simply hang up.

4.  If you need to leave the call and return later, or you are accidentally disconnected, simply repeat the call-in instructions to reconnect to the call.

5.  Press *6 to mute your phone so that you do not transmit background noise.  Paper shuffling, copiers operating in the background, eating, etc., disrupts the other participants’ ability to hear the speaker(s).  Press *6 to unmute your line and participate in the discussion.

6. If this is a CLE program, the CBA will mute all lines except the moderator, and then open all lines at the conclusion of the program so that participants can ask questions.

Amy Symons
Denver, CO
(303) 331-7969

Tom Werge
Denver, CO
(720) 507-5008

Ashley Whitham
Grand Junction, CO
(970) 712-1152

Nathan Silver
Denver, CO
(720) 328-8510

Immediate Past Chair (descending from Chair)
Ben Wick
Denver, CO 
(720) 999-5390

Blog Editor (
Craig Stoner
Greenwood Village, CO
(303) 683-2642

Legislative Policy Committee Liaison
Andy Felser
Denver, CO
(720) 941-1600 x 304

Communications Representative
Rebecca Mastel
Denver, CO
(720) 941-1600

Four Council Members at Large:
Two-Year Term expires June 30, 2021
Jaime Schuler
Denver, CO
(303) 832-1600

Marika Frady
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 237-4667

Two-Year Term expires June 30, 2020
Peter Rudy
Denver, CO
(303) 406-3709

Justie Nicol
Denver, CO
(970) 670-0738

Board of Governors Representative
Term expires June 30, 2020
David A. Sprecace
Denver, CO
(303) 454-8260

Young Lawyers Division Representative
Nick Troxel
Denver, CO
(303) 801-1763 x2

CLE Committee Liaison
Brian Bradford
Lafayette, CO
(303) 543-1000