Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of four officers and six members.  These ten Section members are responsible for the management of the Section and the coordination of the Section’s efforts, both internally and with other Sections of the CBA.  A nominating process is conducted each spring to fill these positions.  For more information, please contact the Chair of the Section.

February 21
3 pm (or 15 minutes after the end of the Statutory Revisions Committee)

Dial in number: 1-855-392-2520

Conference Code is: 2627690
Please remember to use *6 to mute AND unmute your phone.
If you experience problems with the conference call during the meeting, please dial the CBA front desk at 303-860-1115.

***Reminder: Your telephone is like an open microphone and any noises that you make from your location are also transmitted to the people at the program by way of the conference system.

2018-2019 T&E Executive Council


Leia G. Ursery, Chair
Josie M. Faix, Vice-Chair
Spencer M. Crona, Secretary/Treasurer
Kelly Dickson Cooper, Immediate Past Chair

Second Year Members:

Timothy Bounds
Jessica L. Broderick
Peter W. Bullard

First Year Members:

Lauren da Cunha
Peggy Gardner
Elizabeth Meck

Meeting Materials