CBA-TES is a listserv originated and sponsored by the Trust and Estate Section to promote discussion of issues involving estate planning and estate administration. It will also be used to discuss issues involving the Section that cross committee boundaries. Issues on this listserv are limited to those parameters, and other unrelated issues should be taken to other forums.

Membership in this list is currently limited to lawyers and Court personnel who are also members of the CBA.  Membership in the list may be restricted or enlarged at anytime by the T&E Section Council. The conversations on the list are monitored from time to time by the list moderators, who are

Joseph G. Hodges Jr.   (

Gene Zuspann - Section Internet Editor (

In the event that the scope of the discussions exceed the limits set above, the moderators may terminate the discussion and ask the participants to use another forum/media to carry on that thread. Also, we request that etiquette rules be followed by all participants.

If you have questions, gripes or any correspondence that does not involve the list as a whole, please send them to, by private e-mail.

IMPORTANT Since this is a Section-sponsored list, the Section reserves the right to close this list to all but members of the Trust and Estate Section at any time and without any advance notice.

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