Awards Committee

The Awards Committee selects the recipient of the CBA Award of Merit in recognition of outstanding and distinctive service to the CBA. The Award of Merit is a lifetime achievement award for members of the Colorado Bar Association. The award is given to a member who has provided outstanding service or contributions to the association, to the legal profession, to the administration of justice, or to the community. The nominator does not need to be a member of the CBA. Self-nominations are acceptable.  For further guidance, please refer to the CBA's Mission, Vision and Values statement.

 Please contact Awards Committee staff liaison Amy Sreenen for more information.

Past recipients

1949 Philip S. Van Cise
1950 William E. Hutton
1951 no record
1952 no record
1953 Edwin J. Wittelshofer
1954 William Hedges Robinson, Jr.
1955 Thomas M. Burgess
1956 David Rosner
1957 Percy S. Morris
1958 Donald M. Lesher
1959 James K. Groves
1960 Alfred Heinicke
1961 Joseph G. Hodges
1962 Douglas McHendrie
1963 Clyde O. Martz
1964 Horace F. (Jack) Phelps
1965 David J. Clarke
1966 William W. Gaunt
1967 Leonard M. Campbell
1968 Arch L. Metzner, Jr.
1969 Kenneth M. Wormwood
1970 Norma L. Comstock
1971 Charles J. Traylor
1972 Raphael J. Moses
1973 William B. Miller
1974 Hon. David Brofman
1975 Conrad Ball
1976 Frank D. Allen
1977 Ben S. Wendelken
1978 Burton A. Smead Jr.
1979 Alex S. Keller
1980 Garrett Fonda
1981 Walter A. Steele
1982 Margaret B. Ellison
1983 Bernard Houtchens, Roger Houtchens, S. Robert Houtchens
1984 George J. Robinson
1985 Thompson G. Marsh
1986 Lawrence M. Wood
1987 Anthony F. Zarlengo
1988 David W. Enoch
1989 William H. Erickson
1990 James W. Buchanan
1991 Richard Laugeson
1992 Catherine Tamblyn
1993 Hon. Robert H. McWilliams, Jr.
1994 Hon. Kenneth Barnhill, Jr.
1995 Clifton Kruse
1996 Cliff Calhoun
1997 Hon. Edward Pringle
1998 Hon. Richard Matsch
1999 Brooke Wunnicke
2000 William McClearn
2001 Jon Asher
2002 Dale Harris
2003 Mary and Don Hoagland
2004 Willis Carpenter
2005 John Moye
2006 Hon. Bob Kapelke
2007 Edwin S. Kahn
2008 Timothy P. Fox
2009 Constance Talmage
2010 Anthony van Westrum
2011 Gary Jackson
2012 Bennett S. Aisenberg
2013 Hon. Michael H. Berger
2014 Charles C. Turner
2015 David C. Little
2016 Hon. Mary Mullarkey
2017 Marcy Glenn
2018 Charles Calvin
2019 Mark Fogg
2020 Hon. Alfred Harrell
2020 Hon. Wiley Daniel (Posthumously)
2021 David M Johnson
2022 No Award Given
2023 Fay Matsukage