Colorado Lawyer Advisory Board


Purpose: Colorado Lawyer’s Advisory Board (board) is a Standing Committee of the CBA (CBA Bylaws 9.1) which oversees, advises on, and sets the editorial policies for the CBA’s official publication. It evaluates Colorado Lawyer’s business and objectives, and reviews the editorial department’s proposed annual budget. It does not participate in the editorial or production operations of the publication, or in the selection of content, but members may be asked to evaluate content changes or to review manuscripts for suitability.

Composition: The board comprises 13 members, including the executive director. Board members (other than the executive director) are appointed by the president for a three-year term. At the end of the first term, a member may request appointment to a second three-year term. Interim vacancies on the board are filled by the president’s appointment for the unexpired terms. In making appointments to the board, the president will use reasonable efforts to choose members from among the state’s 22 judicial districts, and will consider and be sensitive to the diverse composition of the CBA membership.

Meetings: The board generally meets quarterly. The managing editor, with input from the chair, sets the meeting agendas. Board officers (chair, vice chair, and secretary) are appointed by the board members during the first meeting of the term.

Applications: To apply for a seat on the board, please email your résumé, with a letter of interest, to Susie Klein. Applications will be kept on file and considered as vacancies arise.


2021–22 Board Officers:

Joseph G. Michaels, Chair
Chris Levkulich, Immediate Past Chair
Lindsay J. Miller, Chair-Elect
Joel M. Pratt, Secretary


Colorado Lawyer Advisory Board

Chair: Joseph G. Michaels
CBA Staff Liaison: Susie Klein