Episode 1

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There's a different way to practice! Co-hosts JP Box and Erika Holmes describe their respective journeys, detailing what they saw in traditional law practices that made sense and what didn't. After exploring the (often discouraging) current state of the legal market, JP and Erika detail a new type of foundation, the Four Pillars of Modern Representation: empowerment, focus, technology, and value. Find out how to thrive as a modern lawyer while maintaining a healthy work life blend. 

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Episode 2

Listen Now Creating a Vision   (1 of 4)

Modern law is customizable. Figuring out what makes sense for you is the key. In these challenging times, with most of us working from home, lines between personal and professional are jumbled. Working remotely and paperless are common attributes of those practicing the modern law way. In this first installment of a four-part series on Creating a Vision, hear some tips from co-hosts Erika Holmes and JP Box on how more traditional lawyers can transition into a new work style.

Episode 3

Listen Now Vision of Self   (2 of 4)

Part two of our four-part series on Creating a Vision focuses on the professional journeys of four modern lawyers who have answered the question: what is my professional identity? From Alamosa to Denver, from business law to family law, from building a thriving practice to mentoring fellow attorneys, the lawyers featured in this episode just may inspire you on your own journey as well.

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Lauren Lester 
Kristen Belolan   
J. Ryann Peyton  
James Marshall 

Episode 4

Listen Now Vision of Client   (3 of 4)

Modern Law is an all-encompassing way of practicing law that provides lawyers and clients empowerment, focus, technology, and value. This series on vision was inspired in part by the current pandemic and the need to figure out new ways to connect and be productive. Join guest Jessica Bednarz as she describes what it means to be client-centric, how to make your practice more customer service oriented, and how to meet your client where they are – perhaps both figuratively and literally. 

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Episode 5

Listen Now Vision of Community  (4 of 4)

The fourth and final installment of the vision series focuses on the post-pandemic legal community, with inspiring perspectives and calls to action by special guests Justice Monica Márquez of the Colorado Supreme Court, Eric Bono (Assistant Dean for Career Opportunities at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law), Jessica Brown (CBA President-Elect), and Sara Scott (CEO of The Center for Legal Inclusiveness). The panelists offer insight and wisdom as we work towards a more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive legal community.

Episode 6

Listen Now Tech Show

One of the pillars of Modern Law is technology. Join our tech savvy guest attorneys Lauren Lester and Marty Champagne, Jr. as they take us through some technology trends and must haves for the modern lawyer. 

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