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Gettin' Legal With It is a podcast by young lawyers for young lawyers. Created by the Colorado Bar Associations Young Lawyer Division, and hosted by CBA YLD Executive Council Member Kevin Cheney, the podcast will interview a new guest roughly twice a month. Join Kevin as he discusses what it means to be a young lawyer, different practice areas, and different ways young lawyers can get involved in various legal organizations. So if you are a young lawyer, law student, or even a young-at-heart lawyer who enjoys discussions about getting jobs, dealing with difficult bosses, practice pointers, and even discussing how to keep healthy and well while working in the legal field, Gettin' Legal With It is the podcast for you!

                          Episode 1

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                                                          Host Kevin Cheney of Cheney Galluzzi & Howard speaks with Denver personal injury attorney,                                                                         Jennifer Chamberlain of Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC. Jennifer discusses how she got started as an                                                             attorney, the value of support networks such as the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and the                                                                        Women's Trial Network and establishing a law firm. Find out what motivates her to take cases, what                                                              it's like to be a young lawyer and the ins and outs of a personal injury practice. 


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                                                           Jennifer Chamberlain 

                                                           Kevin Cheney

                          Episode 2

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                                                          Is it okay to get to law school and not really have a direction? It is. Todd Rogers, Assistant Dean for                                                                Career Development at Colorado University, did everything he thought he was supposed to do in law                                                              school only to discover that he wasn’t on the right path. After switching gears as a 3L, he figured it                                                                out. Todd talks about the importance of pre-graduation work experience, important things to know                                                                about the legal market post Great Recession, the reliance of the Rocky Mountain Region, what’s on                                                                the horizon for law students, and how to get a job.

                                                          Todd Rogers has led the Colorado Law Career Development Office (CDO) for over eight years. In that                                                              time, through the coordinated efforts of students, alumni, faculty, and staff, Colorado Law's                                                                              percentage of graduates employed in full-time, year or more JD required or preferred positions has                                                                improved by over 30%.


                                                           Find out more about Todd Rogers 



                           Episode 3

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                                                         Christina Brown discovered in law school that she wanted to work in the removal defense field of                                                                   immigration law. Specifically, she wanted to concentrate on the humanitarian work within                                                                                 immigration. Helping asylum seekers, victims of violence and persecution, and obtaining V Visas and                                                           U Visas – this is where she found her passion. Problem was, many firms do not want to take on this                                                               type of work. So, Christina founded The Law Office of Christina Brown LLC. They warned her that the                                                             practice she envisioned would not be successful, they were wrong. Find out what’s involved in a                                                                     typical immigration case and what it takes to prepare yourself and your client for an asylum trial. 

                                                          Find out more about Christina Brown 

                          Episode 4

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                                                          There are so many constructs of law school that weigh on students’ mental health. That is why                                                                      Johnnie Nguyen and his fellow council members voted unanimously to make mental health their                                                                    primary policy issue for the 2019-20 year. Johnnie is the first Coloradan elected chair of the                                                                            American  Bar Association’s Law Student Council where he represents the interests of more than                                                                    120,000 law students from the nation’s 204 ABA-accredited law schools. Johnnie and host Kevin                                                                    Cheney discuss the value of the ABA’s Young Lawyer Division, how to navigate law school while                                                                      connecting with mentors and juggling responsibilities, and what it is like to be a first-generation law                                                              student at the University of Colorado Law School (’21). 


                                                           Find out more about Johnnie Nguyen 



                           Episode 5

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                                                           Why is reaching out to potential mentors so intimidating? J. Ryann Peyton is the Executive Director                                                               of  the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP). CAMP helps Colorado’s lawyers find their                                                                     people, their place, and their purpose in the Colorado legal community by connecting folks with                                                                       mentors, coaches, and other professional development opportunities so that they can find who they                                                               are and where they want to be in their profession. Law students are eligible as are attorneys                                                                             currently practicing in other states with the intention of relocating to Colorado.

                                                           Ryann discusses her path through the legal profession, her work with CBA’s YLD, and CBA’s efforts                                                                 to bolster Diversity & Inclusion in leadership roles. 


                                                           Find out more about J. Ryann Peyton

                                                           Find out more about the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program 

                           Episode 6

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                                                           A career is rarely a straight line. It’s okay to not have a master plan. Be flexible and don’t fear making                                                             changes. Honorable S. Kato Crews is a Magistrate Judge with the U.S. District Court for the District                                                               of Colorado, appointed by the District Judges in August 2018. Tune in to find out how he got there                                                                   and some of the lessons he learned along the way. Throughout his career, Judge Crews has sought-                                                             out meaningful ways to impact the community. He has served on the board of directors of numerous                                                             non-profit organizations and regularly makes himself an available resource to students for                                                                               mentoring and guidance.


                                                            Find out more about Judge S. Kato Crews 



                            Episode 7

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                                                           We’re back from our short hiatus with a real truth teller. Jay Kamlet is part of a new breed of real                                                                     estate lawyers. Throughout his career, he has engineered $15 billion worth of property negotiation in                                                             Colorado and nationwide. But it wasn’t easy to get there. A common theme of our show is that                                                                         careers are rarely a straight line. Jay Kamlet describes how he got established, navigating multiple                                                                 economic downturns including the Great Recession, and weathering the drastic fluctuations the                                                                     Denver real estate market has experienced in the last 30 years. And he reminds us that it’s never too                                                             late to switch directions and “re-market your passion.” 


  Episode 8

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                                                           Family law can be a challenging practice area with a high emotional toll, but also much emotional reward. Danaé Woody didn’t set out to become a practicing lawyer. She was fascinated by the academics of law and recognized how much a person can do with a law degree. But she figured out what worked for her. Now she owns her own practice, Woody Law Firm, LLC, where she focuses on family law. She was recently the past Chair of CBA’s Young Lawyer’s Division. Find out how she got where she is and her advice for young lawyers.



The Modern Law Revolution Podcast features the successful (and happy) lawyers who are revolutionizing the practice of law in Colorado. Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach to legal representation leaves too many lawyers dissatisfied and too many clients unrepresented, modern representation offers an alternative practice model that provides a win-win for clients and lawyers. In this podcast, you will hear from the modern lawyers embracing this exciting new model, building thriving practices, and enhancing access to innovative, client-driven, and cost-effective legal services. Hosted by the Colorado Bar Association's Modern Law Practice Initiative.



Episode 1 

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There's a different way to practice! Co-hosts JP Box and Erika Holmes describe their respective journeys, detailing what they saw in traditional law practices that made sense and what didn't. After exploring the (often discouraging) current state of the legal market, JP and Erika detail a new type of foundation, the Four Pillars of Modern Representation: empowerment, focus, technology, and value. Find out how to thrive as a modern lawyer while maintaining a healthy work life blend. 


Find out more about: 


JP Box 

Erika Holmes 

 Episode 2   Creating a Vision   (1 of 4)

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Modern law is customizable. Figuring out what makes sense for you is the key. In these challenging times, with most of us working from home, lines between personal and professional are jumbled. Working remotely and paperless are common attributes of those practicing the modern law way. In this first installment of a four-part series on Creating a Vision, hear some tips from co-hosts Erika Holmes and JP Box on how more traditional lawyers can transition into a new work style.



Episode 3   Vision of Self   (2 of 4)

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Part two of our four-part series on Creating a Vision focuses on the professional journeys of four modern lawyers who have answered the question: what is my professional identity? From Alamosa to Denver, from business law to family law, from building a thriving practice to mentoring fellow attorneys, the lawyers featured in this episode just may inspire you on your own journey as well.


Find out more about our guest panelists: 


Lauren Lester 

Kristen Belolan   

J. Ryann Peyton  

James Marshall    

Episode 4   Vision of Client   (3 of 4)

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Modern Law is an all-encompassing way of practicing law that provides lawyers and clients empowerment, focus, technology, and value. This series on vision was inspired in part by the current pandemic and the need to figure out new ways to connect and be productive. Join guest Jessica Bednarz as she describes what it means to be client-centric, how to make your practice more customer service oriented, and how to meet your client where they are – perhaps both figuratively and literally. 


Find out more about Jessica Bednarz  


Episode 5   Vision of Community  (4 of 4)

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The fourth and final installment of the vision series focuses on the post-pandemic legal community, with inspiring perspectives and calls to action by special guests JusticeMonica Márquez of the Colorado Supreme Court, Eric Bono (Assistant Dean for Career Opportunities at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law), JessicaBrown (CBA President-Elect), and Sara Scott (CEO of The Center for Legal Inclusiveness). The panelists offer insight and wisdom as we work towards a more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive legal community.


Episode 6   Tech Show

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One of the pillars of Modern Law is technology. Join our tech savvy guest attorneys Lauren Lester and Marty Champagne, Jr. as they take us through some technology trends and must haves for the modern lawyer. 

And introducing our question and answer line! Got Questions? Call 303-824-5399 and leave us a voicemail. We'll play your question on the air! 


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