Law in Colorado Booklet

(2004) This booklet is published as a public service by the Colorado Bar Association. Its purpose is to inform citizens of their legal rights and obligations and to provide information regarding the legal profession and how it may best serve the community. Changes may have occurred in the law since the time of publication. Before relying on this information, consult an attorney about your individual case.

The Colorado law reflected in this supplement was accurate at the time of publication.  However, law constantly evolves, frequently on a day-by-day basis, through revised statutes, changed rules and court decisions.  As a result, the text should be understood to be an introduction and not what the law is.

Introduction to Law In Colorado & Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Law

Chapter 2 - Colorado Court System

Chapter 3 - Colorado Criminal Law

Chapter 4 - Introduction to Juvenile Law

Chapter 5 - Torts

Chapter 6 - Contract Law

Chapter 7 - Family Law and Domestic Relations

Chapter 8 - Housing Law

Chapter 9 - Employment Law

Chapter 10 - Individual Rights and Liberties in Colorado

Chapter 11 - Colorado Water Law