CLE Presenters Available for Local Bars

The following is a list of potential CLE topics and presenters available to come to your bar association and present a 1-2 hour CLE.

Colorado Legislative Update: 

Current Ethics Update: Jack Tanner*

Ethical Issues for In-House Lawyers: Jack Tanner*

Everyday Ethics for New Lawyers: Jack Tanner*

Everyday Ethics for Busy Lawyers: Jack Tanner*

Professionalism in the Practice of Law (Vignettes): Professionalism Council

Collaborative Law: David Littman

Client Competency Issues: David Littman

Professionalism: David Littman

Divorce Case Outcomes: When the Best Outcome for the Clients is not the Best Outcome for the Children: David Littman

Law Practice Management: 

  • Casemaker
  • File Retention*
  • Tech Policies in the Law Office
  • For more LPM CLE ideas, contact Reba Nance (303)824-5320

Legal Ethics: Amy Devan*

Conflicts of Interest and Screens: Eli Wald*

Unauthorized and “Law-Related” Practices: Eli Wald*

Competition, Discrimination and Diversity: Eli Wald*

Immigration: Melanie Corrin*

Legal Malpractice Issues and Trends: Ron Nemirow*

Legal Ethics: Alec Rothrock* (Contact Annette McLaughlin for scheduling)

File Retention (Rule 1.16A) and On-line Referral Services: Marcus Squarrell*

Rule 1.16A: Michael Kirtland*

Rule 1.14 (representing clients with diminished capacity): Michael Kirtland*

Ethics in Diminished Capacity: Michael Kirtland*

Probate and Mediation: Michael Kirtland*

Ethics in Elder Law: Michael Kirtland*

Any Ethics Issues including but not limited to conflicts of interest, fee issues, trust accounts, advertising, social media and internet issues, candor, client file issues and the attorney regulation system: Greg Sapakoff*

Legal Ethics: Marcy Glenn*

ADR & Ethical Issues: Gary Blum*

Hot Ethics Topics in Family Law: Russel Murray*

Interstate & International Child Custody: Russel Murray*

Intersection of Domestic Violence with Colorado Family Law and Crimial Law: Russel Murray*

Jurisdictional Ethics: Russel Murray*

Ethics of Interstate and International Family Law: Russel Murray*

Charles Luce:

  • Ethics in Technology*
  • Cloud Ethics*
  • Social Media Ethics*
  • Metatdata Ethics*
  • The 5 Most Dangerous Rules of Professional Conduct*
  • Ethics in Using Private Investigators*
  • Making Dollars and Sense Out of the Colorado Attorney’s Lien Statutes*
  • Advertising Ethics*
  • When and How to Fire a Client*

Pro Bono (Rule 6): Judge Dan Taubman*

Unbundling (Limited scope representation) (Rule 1.2(c)): Judge Dan Taubman*

Medical and Recreational Marijuana: Judge Dan Taubman

Judge Edward Moss:*

  • Ethical Assertion of Attorney Liens
  • Informed Consent Under the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Ex Parte Communications with Government Officials--Colo.RPC Rule 4.2
  • Candor to the Tribunal--Colo.RPC 3.3
  • Ethical Issues related to CRPC Rule 16.2 (Domestic Relations)
  • A Divorce Lawyers Guide to the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • The Kids Are on Their Own: Legal Ethics and the Duty of Loyalty to Your Client (September 2011)
  • Legal Ethics and the Adult Diminished Capacity Client
  • Legal Ethics and Withdrawal from Representation
  • U.S. Constitutional Curiosities
  • Legal Ethics and the Recalcitrant Client
  • A Lawyers Guide to the Code of Judicial Conduct

Conflicts of Interest: Steve Masciocchi*

MJP/ULP: Steve Masciocchi*

Disqualification Motions: Steve Masciocchi*

Confidentiality: Steve Masciocchi*

Marketing: Steve Masciocchi*

Post-Law-School Ethics Rules Review: "Where Do I Find That Rule?"   Phil James*

Ethics & Juvenile Law: Phil James*

Ethics Related to Criminal Law, Fee Agreements and Litigation: Jeff Pagliuca*

Legal Ethics: Lance Sears*

Ethics & Trial Issues: Lance Sears*

Ethical Considerations in Contingent  Fee Matters Pursuant to CRPC 1.5.: Ben Aisenberg*

Ethical Considerations of Joint Representation: David Wollins*: 303-758-8900

General Ethics Issues (Northern Colorado): Hon. John Jostad*: 970-494-3570

Medical or Recreational Marijuana: Lauren Maytin

Law Firm Issues: Bob Keatinge*

Rule 5.7 (Ancillary Business): Bob Keatinge*

Conflicts of Interest: Bob Keatinge

Conflicts: Matthew Wolf*

Cecil Morris*

  • Legal Ethics
  • Attorney-Client Relationship Including Entity Clients
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflicts
  • Fee Agreement Issues
  • Litigation and Trial Issues

Fee Agreements & Attorney Liens: Ross Pulkrabek*

Ethics in Settlement & Mediation: Julie Williamson*

*Ethics credit available.