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To qualify for a free lawyer, you must:

If you don't qualify for a free lawyer, find legal information here.

I qualify for a free lawyer. Now what?

If you need an attorney for a criminal matter:

Contact the Public Defender's office, 303-764-1400.

If you need an attorney for a civil matter (not criminal), check out:

Colorado Legal Services (CLS): Follow these steps:

  1. Check to see if CLS takes your type of case and the kind of cases they help with:
    • Family law: domestic violence, divorce, custody, guardianship and others;
    • Consumer/debt problems, including bankruptcy, garnishment, collection, repossession and others;
    • Housing law, including foreclosures in some but not all CLS offices, evictions, landlord/tenant issues and others;
    • Issues for seniors, including living wills, medical durable powers of attorney, and more;
    • Problems with programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, and other government benefits;
    • Other civil (not criminal or traffic) problems; and
    • Immigration: We can help citizens and those who are (1) present in the U.S. and (2) have an acceptable "category" of immigration. These categories are complicated and assessed on a case by case basis, but include Lawful Permanent Residents and Asylees, among other categories. These are all the types of cases that CLS handles. Some offices do not handle all types of cases because of limited resources. Please call your local office for details about the types of cases currently being accepted.
    • Also, CLS may be able to help you with: Advice from an attorney about your problem; Help you file your own case in court; Refer you to a legal aid clinic, or to another program or agency that can help you.
  2. If you think CLS may take your type of case, fill out the on-line intake form or call your local office


I don't qualify for a free lawyer. Now what?

Don't worry, there are still many resources available to help with your legal matter.

  • Start by searching the Colorado Bar Association Find a Lawyer directory. This directory contains every licensed attorney that is a member of the Colorado Bar Association. Search the directory by legal matter, location, name, and more.
  • Moderate Income: When searching the Find a Lawyer directory, you can search for attorneys accepting "alternative fee arrangements."
  • Criminal matters: Contact the Public Defender’s Office gives some referrals for people with criminal warrants or traffic matters. Give them a call at 303-764-1400 or online at


Where can I find some legal help with my case?

Find a Colorado Court self help center

Self help forms from the Colorado Courts


I want to see if my attorney is licensed to practice in Colorado



I have a fee dispute with my lawyer.



I want to file a complaint against an attorney.



I want to file a complaint about a judge.