The Aurora Bar Association (ABA) was organized in 1961 as a chartered local bar association. Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado by population and second largest city by area. The City of Aurora spans parts of three Colorado counties: Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties. It is also a Home Rule City, and the Aurora Municipal Court has a correspondingly broad jurisdiction. The ABA charter was formed as the result of the perception that memberships in the respective county bar associations alone did not adequately serve the needs of lawyers and judges in our community.


The main goal of the ABA is to provide a myriad of networking and CLE opportunities to its members and the legal community at a low cost. Despite its particularized purpose, the ABA is open to all lawyers admitted to practice in Colorado.


The ABA also strives to serve the greater Aurora community through law school scholarships at the University of Denver and University of Colorado. Additionally, the ABA has supported the next generation of lawyers by sponsoring local high school Mock Trial teams. The ABA contributes to Laptops from Lawyers for two Aurora students each year, providing laptops to deserving high school students going to college who cannot otherwise afford a laptop.


The ABA's annual dues are reasonable:

Junior (0-3 yrs.): $25

Intermediate (3-7 yrs.) $45

Senior (8+ yrs. ): $75

Retired/Inactive: $30

Students: Free