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Introducing Casemaker4

Casemaker4 legal research system offers full federal and 50-state primary law coverage.

Casemaker4 features:

  • Faster Results - Improved search speed, more intuitive site navigation
  • Cleaner Look - Uncluttered layout, with familiar features
  • New Functionality - Type ahead searching, suggested content, and more
  • More Responsive - Enhanced display on smaller devices, and W3C and ADA compliant
  • New Alerts Feature - Sends new developments in areas of interest directly to your box
  • Same Uncompromising Quality - Consistently returned more relevant results than other low cost providers in third party testing*

Powered by an extensive legal taxonomy and an advanced search engine, Casemaker4 returns accurate, on-point results to more than six million searches per year. But that’s not all. You can check your results with the state-of-the-art citator, CaseCheck+. You can gain new insight or receive practice-tested guidance from a growing collection of authored secondary content. And you can stay on top of evolving case law in your jurisdiction or practice area with a new Alerts feature that enables you to have new development in areas of interest delivered straight to your in box. Meanwhile, Case Digest provides daily summaries of state and federal appellate decisions in your areas of interest. 

The Casemaker4 libraries include all Federal Supreme, Circuit, District and Bankruptcy court decisions, as well as case law going back more than 100 years in many states. You’ll find the U.S. Code and Constitution, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, Tribal Court Decisions, Colorado Code of Regulations, plus statutes, session laws, administrative codes, court rules and more for every state.



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