Peer Professionalism Assistance Group

The mission of the PPA group is to increase the level of professionalism in the practice of law within the state of Colorado. We achieve this goal by providing free confidential coaching to individual attorneys, informal mediation assistance to attorneys and education to groups of attorneys. Our services help Colorado attorneys focus on the merits of the case and increase their satisfaction in the practice of law by resolving professionalism issues.

What is PPA?

  • PPA is a confidential and informal resource that is not affiliated with Attorney Regulation Counsel. Communications with the PPA members are confidential and not shared or reported to any regulatory agency, court or professional association.
  • The PPA group consists of experienced Colorado attorneys, who practice law throughout the state of Colorado. The PPA members volunteer for the PPA because they are committed to increasing the level of professionalism in the practice of law.

Who does PPA help?

  • Colorado attorneys experiencing unprofessional behavior from opposing counsel.
  • Colorado attorneys wishing to increase their awareness of professionalism issues and maximize their satisfaction in the practice of law.
  • Colorado Courts wishing to eliminate unprofessional behavior in their courtrooms.

How does PPA help?

  • Provides one-on-one confidential advice to individual attorneys on how to handle an unprofessional situation.
  • Communicates with opposing counsel upon request of the calling attorney to discuss and help resolve professionalism issues.
  • Meets jointly with and provides informal mediation services to both/all attorneys experiencing professionalism issues (either upon request of the attorney(s) or when ordered by the court).
  • Receives referrals from judges and magistrates to eliminate unprofessional behavior in courtrooms (PPA will work with all attorneys on the case to avoid any appearance of bias).
  • Provides Continuing Legal Education seminars through CBA-CLE and directly to local bar associations, the judiciary and other attorney organizations.

Call 303-860-1115 for more information.

Peer Professional Assistance (PPA) Rotation Schedule


Teresa Wilkins            (303)791-9545             [email protected]

Ralph Torres               (303)297-8427             [email protected]

Fran Fontana               (303)292-0788            [email protected]

            Don Jacobson             (303)504-4242             [email protected]


Caroline Sada             (303)781-3529            [email protected]

James O’Connor         (303)799-9001            [email protected]

Nick Jonson                (303)278-3078            [email protected]

Helen Shreves             (303)777-7833            [email protected]


Kelly McCabe            (970)565-7209            [email protected]

Barry Meinster            (303)674-5977           [email protected]

Ralph Torres               (303)297-8427            [email protected]

Don Jacobson             (303)504-4242            [email protected]


Nick Hancock             (720)919-7887                        [email protected]

Caroline Sada             (303)781-3529                        [email protected]

            Roger Castle               (303)839-8251                        [email protected]

David Steefel              (720)290-0217                        [email protected]


Nick Jonson                (303)278-3078                        [email protected]

            Roger Castle               (303)839-8251                        [email protected]

Fran Fontana               (303)292-0788                        [email protected]

Barry Meinster            (303)674-5977                        [email protected]


Teresa Wilkins            (303)791-9545                        [email protected]

Helen Shreves             (303)777-7833                       [email protected]

David Steefel              (720)290-0217                       [email protected]

Kelly McCabe            (970)565-7209                        [email protected]